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Let’s See What’s In The News Today…

Hey Scott--
Long-time reader, first-time e-mailer.  Two recent news items caught my eye and I thought I'd send 'em your way.
Don't know how much you've been paying attention to the US Presidential election (hopefully not at all), but there's a non-zero chance that Pennsylvania wingnut Rick Santorum could secure the Republican nomination, much ot the consternation/panic of American liberals.  He apparently played some manner of role in ending state regulation of pro wrestling back in the late-80s, so stories like this one have been floating around liberal news sites as of late.  I find the mock shock and horror on display to be pretty hilarious - the bit about blading at the end is a howler!
Also, apparently Damien Demento is now an artist.  Good for him, I guess...
Keep up the good work.

I pay almost no attention to anything political, so the only frame of reference I have for Santorum is that he hates gays, because I read Savage Love on a regular basis.  And wrestling has long been an easy topic for politicians to attack, because no one involved in it is seemingly able to defend themselves without sounding like Stephanie on the 9/11 special, so it’s pretty much free points.

Last I had seen of Demento, he was ranting on YouTube and answering viewer mail, so it’s nice to know he’s finding something else to do with his days now.