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Merging Titles

Here’s a random question from the depths of the inbox…

I was watching Raw with the girlfriend (generally a non-fan) last night and she noticed that pretty much EVERYONE had a title. She then asked me, literally direct quote, "What's the point of having titles if everyone has one?" The fact that a non-fan who watches maybe an hour of wrestling a month noticed this must mean something... So, yeah, do you think we're going to see titles unified any time soon??? Be it secondary or primary?
This subject comes up a lot, and I'm sure you get a lot of e-mails about it, but I think it's become more relevant in recent months with the practical end of the brand split and the elevation of the MitB briefcase to "more important than IC/US belt" level.

Really the problem has become much more pronounced with the US and IC titles, where a guy like Swagger gets the US title for no real storyline reason and literally has nothing to do for weeks afterwards.  It makes even worse given how Ziggler seemed to work at making the title seem important while in a similar position.  And really what has Cody Rhodes done with the IC title since winning it?  Introduced a new belt, big whoop.  He never defends the thing (most of the past few months was spent feuding with Randy Orton in a program where Orton didn’t want the belt).  It’s literally just a prop at this point, until the next time they decide they want to focus on it for a week and then forget about it again. 

Will they ever start merging titles and get rid of them?  Of course not.  Because then they couldn’t sell replica belts at house shows or release “Best of the US title” DVD sets.  They have the belts because belts have always been part of the show , not because they particularly care about trying to make money off them.