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Nash’s Plans Revealed

Hi Scott,

This might shed some light on what went wrong last summer.  It's interesting to note the "Team Johnny" group that appears to be forming now leading to Wrestlemania.  It certainly seems like they've been trying to form some super faction of decent heels (Not just The Nexus) for some time. 

Anyway, enjoy it and best wishes:

Nash is really putting Plavix over in that interview. 

The idea of Ace leading a faction of heels was certainly a logical one, and during the “unsafe conditions” storyline with Miz and Truth it seemed like a logical path to Nash/Miz/Truth/Del Rio v. Punk/HHH/Cena/Rock or something like it at Survivor Series as the main event.  I don’t think Nash was THAT important to the storyline that it couldn’t have survived without him.  Creative just dropped the ball as usual.