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Once In A Lifetime, Except For The Rematch

Hi Scott,
In my most recent pop culture article for Collective Publishing, I look at the "once in a lifetime" main event of John Cena vs. The Rock. The hype for this match has been attracting fans that left years ago and has created some buzz for WWE.  I am sure the event will rake in tons of money.  My article looks at what the prospects are for this match kickstarting yet another "wrestling boom period."  The article is written for people who don't watch wrestling, and so it does a lot of explaining that your readers may find excessive.  I still think it is an article they'll enjoy and find worth checking out.

I honestly don’t think it’s created that much buzz or brought back lapsed fans or anything.  Speaking as a lapsed fan with friends who are lapsed fans, the Summer of Punk did way more to generate interest in that group, to the point where I actually talked people into buying Money in the Bank.  This year I’m into Wrestlemania, but none of this would have made me start watching RAW again if I wasn’t already. 


  1. We'll I never really stopped watching classic wrestling and I am a huge Scott Keith fan, but I haven't watched more then 20 minutes of a Raw, Smackdown or a wrestling pay per view that wasn't on a dvd or youtube since 2002.

  2. after a 7 year hiatus it was the summer of punk that realed me back in as well. I guess college and raging kinda hurt my viewership as well....

  3. In Rock's defense at Wrestlemania against Austin, two times he was a heel, and one time was in Texas. With Hogan, well, it was Hogan.

    Against Lesnar? I think the fans knew the Rock was leaving again.

  4. I've been saying for months that Rocky isn't going to influence the buyrate or bring people back to the product.

    His film audience is too young to remember he was even a wrestler. The smarks know it's only one match that means nothing. And the male demo isn't going to suddenly turn from UFC to an inferior product.

    I'm with the majority, I came back for Punk, and now because of the Rock we've seen Punk basically spinning his wheels for six months. If they don't make him the focus of the promotion by Backlash (or whatever they call it now) I'm gone.

  5. Agreed and rumor has it they want to do it again for 29. 


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