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One Word Randoms

Some couple-word-answer randoms for you...unless you're not into 'the whole brevity thing'.
1. Most consistent draw (not highest dollar amounts or peak periods, but long-term consistency as 'top guy'): Austin, Hogan, or Cena?
2. Re-booking HHH's opponent at Wrestlemania 19: Booker, RVD, or Benoit?
3. One guy, any promotion, any time period who should have had a World run, but did not?
4. One guy, any time period, from Japan who could have made it biggest in a U.S. promotion?
5. Thirteen years later, who should have 'run over' Austin?
6. Thirteen years later, who should have been 'The Higher Power'?
7. Most regrettable World Champion in history, aside from David Arquette?
8. Shawn Michaels' best run between Phase 1 and 2 of his career?
9. WWE, 2003, beginning of pushes.  Who would you have predicted to be The Guy between Cena, Batista, and Orton?
10. More surprising longevity, as a combination of character/worker: The Undertaker or Kane?
11. Approximate period/year YOU would have begun the WCW 'Invasion' angle?
12. Bigger 'dropping of the ball'?  Bret Hart's WCW arrival OR '98 Four Horsemen reunion?

1.  Hogan of course. 

2.  Booker was the right guy, it was just the wrong finish.

3.  Ted Dibiase, multiple times.

4.  The Great Muta in 89.  They could have pushed the shit out of him and make millions.

5.  HHH was the logical guy, but Shawn Michaels also would have worked in the role.

6.  The only guy available who was a big enough star to justify the buildup was Ultimate Warrior. 

7.  Vince in 99.

8.  The second Jericho feud.

9.  I was always on Team Cena from the very beginning.

10.  Undertaker.  I knew Kane would be pushed until he got over, but Mark Callaway was an unproven commodity with a weird gimmick.

11.  It was fine when it was, they just botched it horribly.

12.  Bret Hart by far.  There was no money to be made with the Horsemen.