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Punk Plug

Hey there Scott,
Enjoying the WrestleMania write-ups. It's what made 411 my site of choice beginning in 2002. I appreciate the feedback I got for my 2002-2012 manifesto, and I thought I'd send this one along. I look at CM Punk's rise to the top of WWE, comparing his occasional lack of office faith to the heartless muscleheads out of OVW and FCW that the company jizzed its pants over, showing why Punk's hard work won in the end, and could mean a lot for WWE's future. I know, a rare optimistic WWE piece. I hope you'll share it, and I thank you in advance. Keep the WrestleMania memories coming, dude.

I don't think anyone is downplaying the good that Punk (and now Bryan) have done by rising to the top and giving indy geeks everywhere hope. However, due to the usual vicious cycle of WWE booking, it takes a long time for them to become a ratings draw (Punk in particular is having that issue right now) and that's why we keep getting Cena and Orton shuffled to the top again and AGAIN.