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Rock v. Cena

Hey Scott.

I'm a big fan and I've read your blog for years now.  The funny thing is that I haven't watched a full episode of Raw or Smackdown since about 2002, but I always come back to your site to keep myself updated.  I have been drawn back (although most likely briefly) by the Rock/Cena match.  I've always been a big fan of the Rock and the last time I ordered a PPV, it was Wrestlemania 18.  Even a large group of my friends were over for that event, and they were PUMPED for Hogan coming back.  I told them over and over that Rock was going over.  There was no chance they'd let an old old man like Hogan come in and ruin the image of the only saving grace they have left in the business.  They laughed at me as if it were impossible that Rock could beat Hulkamania.  Needless to say after many hearty, belly rolling chuckles of my own, they were devastated that Hogan lost.  Skip to today. On paper it seems that John Cena is unfortunately the only really huge name that will be carrying the WWE into the future.  That being said, I personally want to see the Rock go over bad.  Which leads me to my question, and I'm sorry if you've answered it already a million times.  What is your opinion on what should happen in the main event and what you believe will happen.  Because IMO Cena isn't in the same league as Rock. But we know the Rock isn't sticking around and Cena may be all that's left for them.  Can the rock go over here and risk destroying an already dying JC fan base that they are desperately trying to win back. Am I like my friends that couldn't imagine Hulk losing?


Yup.  Cena is going over, as he should.  I'll groan, but it's best for business in the long run if Rock lays down.  Unless they want to do a giant Cena heel turn, but obviously the point is to rehabilitate Cena's image with males 18-34, and they've done a heck of a job thus far.

That being said, if the finish is Miz running in and causing the finish, then I'll be pissed.