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Hey Scott,

Not sure if you have had a chance to see the new Rock and Austin DVDs but I think you will be really impressed with the documentary portions. I used to work in TV Production (nbc sports, mlb network to name a few places) and stylistically speaking these two releases have to be the very best they have ever done from a production stand point.

For one thing, they let the interviews breathe a little more, with no music in the background while people are talking. The graphics aren’t over the top (Sadly we don’t get the territories map they love to use in EVERY dvd project) but it’s just a very simple font to indicate the dates of certain matches. And more than anything there is no filler. They hit every monumental point in their respective careers and let the interviews speak for themselves, there isn’t even much voice over work just insustry experts talking about the careers of Rock and Austin. Looking forward to your review if you end up doing one, I do wish the match selection was better but both have had so many releases previously what can ya’ do you know?

Most importantly, does Brooklyn Brawler have a talking head segment in both DVDs? 

Apparently for the Rock/Cena hype show they just recycled the Rock DVD footage, so it must have been pretty damn good. 


  1. These docs were ass. All of the interesting stuff in the Austin one was covered on The Legacy of Stone Cold; to much greater effect. And the Rock doc doesn't even touch on his time in Memphis, and that's just the tip of the troubled iceberg. To top it off the match selections blow. Although, to be fair the second disc of the Austin set has the WM13 match with corrected audio, that justifies the purchase right there.

  2. The WWE can fall down in a lot of areas but they always put together top notch video packages.

  3. Ah, Rock and Austin. Two legends of the squared circle. Too bad that idiot McMahon blew it with Goldberg. If he'd only open up his wallet and buyout Goldberg's WCW contract sooner, then not just we would have gotten Rock/Goldberg sooner, but we would have gotten Austin/Goldberg as well! But as usual, McMahon is proving why he was always a bigger hack than Paul Heyman and is very lucky that Paul's lack of business skills killed ECW.


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