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Shooting From The Hipster

Can we just go ahead and make it clear that if something happens on Raw it is indeed a work? I don't understand how so many people think that when something  happens on Raw and the camera and sound stay with it, it's all a work. When Punk delivered his promo last year, if it was a shoot then as soon as he started  going off the rails then everything would have been cut off. Vince is just too much of a tight ass to allow shoot promos linger on.

It amazes me that there’s the biggest match of the year coming up at Wrestlemania and something just HAPPENS to occur in their promo to get everyone talking and choosing sides, and people are still like “OMG, I wonder if that was a SHOOT?” 

By the way, Stephanie had that stupid article in Entertainment Weekly where she talked about how they wanted a Twilight feel to the main event, where people would be picking their side and vehemently defending it, so kudos to her for almost pulling it off.