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Smackdown - March 30, 2012 (Wrestlemania Axxess Show)

Date: March 30, 2012
Location: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Matt Striker

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

This is going to be a different kind of show. There were only a few matches taped on Monday and if this show is like last year's, the majority of this show will be partially taped from Miami and Axxess. It'll mostly be a big commercial for Wrestlemania with some wrestling thrown in on the side. That's the same thing the shows all week have done and it's really all they can do this week. Let's get to it.

Do You Know Your Enemy? Mine is the Louisville Cardinals. They're evil and need to be destroyed.

As some of you probably know, usually I watch this show online on Friday afternoon so I can save time in the reviews. Well I did that today, and the show had no new matches and was a collection of old Mania matches. Apparently that's totally different than what the US broadcast had so this is the second Smackdown I've done tonight.

Zack Ryder vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew starts off with a slam but Zack comes back with some speed and a dropkick. They go to the corner where Drew gets punched in the face. He manages to throw Zack up in the air and brings up a knee to take over. Off to an armbar now and Ryder is in trouble. A gutbuster puts Ryder down and Drew hooks a combination camel clutch/armbar. Ryder escapes but charges into a boot to put him right back down.

McIntyre does the go to the middle rope and jump off with the clear intention of jumping into the other guy's raised boot spot. Ryder makes his comeback and hits the Broski Boot but walks into ANOTHER big boot for two. Zack escapes a powerbomb and Drew chases him into the corner but runs into a pair of knees. The Rough Ryder gets the pin at 5:38.

Rating: C. This was all you needed it to be. It covered both teams and hyped up the match a little bit. Not a great match or anything but it's good to see Ryder getting clean wins, even over someone like McIntyre. I'm thinking Eve is going to play a role in the Mania match though, which isn't a good thing.

We go to Miami where Lawler and Cole are on a set at Axxess. We see some of the stuff there, such as Undertaker's Graveyard and the entrance you could walk down.

Video on Taker vs. HHH for the End of an Era.

Video on the Divas tag. I have no issue with looking at Maria Menunos. We're never going to talk about Beth and Eve's teased feud over Ryder again are we?

We see some of the art auction which goes to a children's cancer center. Nothing wrong with that.

Recap of Punk vs. Jericho, I believe the same one from NXT.

Cole and King get in a flag waving contest.

We go back to Raw for the segment on Teddy vs. Johnny with the end of Otunga vs. Santino (they can't show a full 90 second match?) which resulted in Miz joining Team Ace. We also get the Christian beatdown where he was put out of the match, and finally the Henry vs. Khali bit where Booker made the save for Teddy and joined the team.

Here's Big Show in the ring to talk about his match on Sunday. He's had some good success in this business. He won the world title in his first match and he's won more since, but he doesn't have a Wrestlemania moment. Wrestling in the main event for the world title isn't a Wrestlemania moment? He says this is a bit different than most times he's been at Mania. He can feel it in his mind, his gut and his heart. Cody is going to lose. Cody's career isn't going to get made. It's going to get broken.

Video on Bryan vs. Sheamus.

Some legends weigh in on the Cell match.

Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho grabs the arm to start and works a hammerlock. Kofi speeds things up and hits a jumping back elbow followed by a clothesline to send Jericho to the outside. Back inside Kofi tries a springboard but Jericho takes out the ropes to knock him down and we go to a break. Back with Jericho in control but Kofi grabs a rollup for two.

A knee to the head gets two for Jericho. Jericho misses the crotch to the back of Kofi's head while Kofi is in 619 position (that really needs a name) and Kofi hits the SOS for two. Boom Drop hits but Chris avoids Trouble in Paradise. The top rope cross body gets two. Lionsault eats knees but Kofi's kick is countered into the Liontamer for the tap at 11:12.

Rating: B. Pretty solid TV match here but the ending was never in doubt. There was no way Jericho was going to lose two days before a world title match at Wrestlemania. I wish Kofi didn't have to do the job, especially when he's in a big match on Sunday but when you have 12 people in one match, that's hard to avoid. Good match though.

We get the Rock vs. Cena segment from Raw to end the show.

Overall Rating: B. This was a very good final push for Wrestlemania. I get that a lot of people aren't going to be fans of this and that's ok. The wrestling we got was limited but fine, as there was no way they were going to run the risk of a bunch of injuries. I'm really surprised Jericho performed at all. Good final push for the show, as this was more about getting us fired up for Mania than a regular show.

Zack Ryder b. Drew McIntyre – Rough Ryder
Chris Jericho b. Kofi Kingston – Walls of Jericho

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