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Smackdown v. RAW

Hey Scott,

Here’s one for you and your readers:

Ever since the roster split, WWE has teased the fans on numerous occasions for a full-on RAW vs. Smackdown feud/war. In fact, we’ve seen such “wars” as storyline modes as recent as Smackdown vs. RAW 2011. On the nights when they would have draft picks, we’d have things like a battle royal between red shirts and blue shirts (huh...kinda like Team Fortress, come to think of it). Yet they’ve never fully pulled the trigger on that storyline. Any thoughts as to why? Of course, these days – and for the last couple of years – the so-called roster split is much less important than it used to be. It’s almost to the point of non-existence, now. Still, there was clear interest from the fan base – at least judging by crowd reactions – for this sort of angle. Whatcha think?

I think no one actually believes in the premise and they’d burn it out within a week or two.  Plus the endgame would have to be one brand being declared superior to the other, and you’d be burying one side for no reason.  It’s better served as a cold war where people have the occasional rivalry without settling anything.  That way people are always left wanting more.