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Hi Scott

Sorry to add to your inbox build-up, but (unless I've missed it) you haven't mentioned much about non-wrestling/UFC TV shows for a while - the end of Lost maybe. Just wondering what  you think of the new crop of hit shows. Anything caught your attention? Game of Thrones and Spartacus being the main ones I'm thinking of. Spartacus in particular strikes me as tailor-made for a wrestling fan. It's basically wrestling booking 101 with cartoonishly excessive levels of sex and death added to the mix.

It’s mostly old stuff catching my attention.  I’m pretty sure I talked about Dexter while it was going on, though.  I’ve been working through Buffy on Netflix and we’re about halfway through season 2 at this point and going crazy for it.  I have no idea about anything coming up because I paid so little attention to it while it was on originally, so it’s all new to me.  I often talk about my love of Parks & Recreation, although Up All Night is crazy good, especially for those like myself who are going through the adjustment to being a parent for the first time.  Never watched Spartacus, can’t be bothered to get into Thrones as I’m not a fan of the fantasy genre per se.  I will note that Vampire Diaries is ridiculously good for a stupid CW show about vampires, full of the kind of crazy twists and turns that make it impossible to turn away from most weeks.