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Undertaker v. HHH

Hi Scott,

I was reading your rant about Monday night's show and you mentioned that Undertaker got in one final burn on HHH before he left by telling him again that Shawn was better than him. As I thought it afterward, I'm wondering if that was supposed to have a double meaning. Sure, it could just be him talking about Shawn being better in the ring. However, right before that, Undertaker had asked HHH if he was willing to put everything on the line to kill Taker's career, to risk his family, etc. I can't recall the exact wording, but essentially it was saying "Are you willing to take yourself that far?" and HHH said yes. My thought is, maybe Undertaker telling HHH Shawn was better in that situation was supposed to mean Shawn was better as a man because he was NOT willing to go that far, to go where he needed to go to beat the Undertaker. Obviously, this could just be reading WAY too much into it, but that's what some of us tend to do, right?


You're reading WAY too much into it.  Although I'd heard forever that this match was supposed to be career v. streak, so maybe they'll announce that next week and you'll look like Russell Crowe at the end of a Beautiful mind instead of Russell Crowe at the beginning of a Beautiful Mind.

Hey, wait, maybe THAT'S what's wrong with R-Truth...