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Webhosting Solutions?

By the way, anyone have experience with various webhosting solutions? I’m looking to move off Scotsman’s servers so I can stop destroying them, but I’m wondering if the shared servers out there are going to be fine with the traffic that the blog brings in (10-15K pageviews per day, generally, spiking to 20K on big days). HostGator and WebHostingHub seem to be two of the best. Budget-wise I’m not going to be able to handle a dedicated server so that’s right out, but are the various $5/month special deals going to be handle things or just crash on Wrestlemania weekend too?  I know I had some really crappy experiences with, but that was 13 years ago and I’ve deliberately avoided getting involved in the technical end of things ever since. 

I’ve turned off a bunch of plugins for the moment to smooth things out on the Wordpress end, hopefully, but obviously that’s not a permanent solution.