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WM Blu

Currently, I'm going to try & re-watch WM 1-27 before April 1. With the WWE now using music, that was dubbed over on the original Wrestlemania dvds (demolition, slick etc.), do you think or what's the likelihood of seeing them released on Blu-ray? If the WWE did individual releases of each even, imagine the extras they could add as additional content.

Do you also think, once Vince is gone completely, will HHH & Steph be apt to paying the royalties for music so we, as lifelong fans, can finally get uncut Wrestlemanias (except for the "wwf" of course)?

I think they’ll release anything they can make money off, but the Anthology concept kind of died out when the Survivor Series sets flopped, so I don’t really see them re-releasing everything again.  Honestly, with the older stuff there’s not enough of a quality boost to make it worthwhile because they didn’t start shooting with high-quality cameras until the 90s. 

And not paying for royalties is exactly the kind of cost-saving measure that allows them to lower their break-even point on PPV.  And last year’s show apparently had the Johnny Cash intro for Undertaker chopped out, so I wouldn’t start celebrating restored music just yet.