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Woo woo whatever

By the way, can we now all agree once and for all that the Zack Ryder thing was not him getting a main event rub or quality TV time or setting up a big Wrestlemania comeback or any of the other million silly theories that the apologists were throwing out?  It was clearly a complete and total burial of the character.  He lost his girl, lost his title, got beaten up like a ragdoll on several occasions until he was nothing more than a punchline, got no revenge on anyone and even needed Cena to fight his battles against a woman for him, and now he’s feuding with the woman who was already soundly rejected and trashed by Cena.  To quote Slick, turn out the lights, the party’s over.  Woo woo woo, you’re a jobber again.

The sad thing is that Miz is only faring slightly better because at least he gets to wrestle every week, even if he’s losing every match.  Perhaps Ryder should go heel and team with Miz, because that dynamic would probably work, actually.