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Worst Finisher

Mr. Keith,

My question to you is a simple one:  Is there a worse finishing manouever in professional wrestling than Randy Orton's RKO?  Aside from the fact that he telegraphs the move to his opponent by dropping to his hands and knees and slapping the mat like a yak in heat, the manouever itself just makes very little sense.  Why would someone who is engaged in a fight, leap into the air above his opponent's head, and crash land onto his own back on the mat.  It would be one thing if he sold the manouever as being so high impact that he was willing to sell out his own well being to secure the victory but he rolls over and scores the pin as if a fall like that wouldn't cause him any damage at all.

Really?  The RKO is generally one of the better ones as far as theatrical impact goes.  I mean, if you’re talking bad finishes, the Cobra is RIGHT THERE.  Plus I’ve always hated the Downward Spiral in general because it’s never clear what the damage is supposed to be exactly.  I think it was CRZ who pointed out that delivering the move is essentially giving yourself a Rock Bottom.  Wade Barrett’s Wasteland looked weak and ineffective, but he’s switched to the Bossman slam on a permanent basis now so that’s fine.  And I will say that thankfully the trend of guys doing wacky neckbreaker variations as finishers (MVP’s playmaker or whatever that one Shelton Benjamin was doing, for example) is dying out again, because that was getting tiresome.