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Wrandom Wrestlemania Qs

Who would have been your choice to replace King Kong Bundy against Hogan at Wrestlemania II?

Randy Savage or Roddy Piper.  Either one would have worked fine in that role. 

Do you think a Savage-Steamboat rematch at WM4 would have been worth doing?  Or would it be impossible to deliver compared to the WM3 classic?

It’d be tough, but that’s no reason not to try.

When exactly did WWE know Brock Lesnar's last match would be at WM20?  Was that spur of the moment or did he give a lot of notice?

I remember it being pretty sudden, actually.  They signed the match for Wrestlemania and people assumed Goldberg would get booed out of the building because he was wrapping up his contract, but then Lesnar announced his departure soon after to set up the double-hatred from the crowd. 

Was Chris Benoit's World title win at WM20 planned for a while in advance, or was he just the choice once Royal Rumble came around?
Was Eddie Guerrero planned to be WWE Champion heading into WM20, or was he just the most over guy once Lesnar decided to leave and needed to drop the belt?

Both title switches were planned way in advance, and No Way Out was booked in San Fran specifically for Eddie’s win.