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Wrestlemania 29

Did you see the Dave Meltzer reported that the WWE wants to announce the WrestleMania 29 main event the night after WrestleMania, just like last year? I assume that means Rock vs. Cena II (or III) but Meltzer mentioned that they may want to get an Undertaker match signed. Your thoughts? Could it be Cena vs. Undertaker?

Well the word on the street from the "dirt sheets" that HHH apparently hates so much (OK, Meltzer on the radio show) is that they're already wanting to do Cena/Rock again at Wrestlemania.  Originally they were thinking rematch at Summerslam too, so pretty soon all Cena will be doing is fighting the Rock, apparently.

I just don't see them doing the Cena-Undertaker thing at this point, since Undertaker is more like the guy who needs to be fighting the special attractions (Shawn, HHH) rather than the everyday stars (Cena, Orton).  Now Rock v. Undertaker, now you're talking.