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Wrestlemania Challenge: Three-Way TLC Dance

Although technically one of them is just a plain ole triangle ladder match.

Lots of fun watching these again.


Wrestlemania 2000
From The Pond in Anaheim, California
Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Triangle Ladder Match for WWF Tag Team Championship: Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boys vs. The Dudley Brothers

(Note: The Dudleys are the champions here.)

Edge and Christian jump the Hardys and then run out to fight the Dudleys, soon all six men are brawling on the entrance way. In the ring Christian and Jeff Hardy actually do a little wrestling and Christian hits a dropkick. They leave the ring and Edge and D-Von jump in. Edge with a leg lariat and all six men are on the floor again. Back in the ring are Jeff Hardy and Bubba Ray, Hardy with a whisper in the wind but Bubba Ray back with a back body drop and a full nelson sit-down slam. Christian brings in the first ladder and D-Von brings in the second. One is set for climbing. All six men in the ring with two ladders. Bubba Ray eats a ladder and Jeff does a leap of faith onto the ladder. Christian eats ladder and so does D-Von. Matt slams D-Von on the ladder and Jeff hits an elbow from the middle rope. Jeff with a DDT on Bubba Ray and he’s on another ladder but moves as Jeff goes for a 450 splash. Ouch. Bubba Ray sets the ladder on top of Jeff and hits a senton from the middle rope. Edge does a ladder faith fall on Jeff. D-Von slams Edge and slams a ladder on top of edge. Three ladders in the ring. Five men down. Bubba grabs a ladder and does the helicopter spot, eliminating four guys but Edge and Christian double dropkick the ladder and Bubba tumbles to the floor. Edge, Christian and D Von in the ring. A double-team stun gun on the ladder for D-Von as Matt and Bubba Ray fight on the outside. Christian climbs one ladder and hits a cross body press on both of them. Edge, Jeff and D-Von in the ring. Jeff climbing the ladder but Edge hits him with a spear off the top rope. Edge tries to climb but Matt cuts him off and delivers a Razor’s Edge (!!!) off the ladder. Crazy. Matt climbs but D Von slams him off. D Von starts climbing but Christian casually tosses a ladder at him.

Three ladders are set up together as Christian and Bubba Ray climb and Bubba Ray with a Dudley cutter off the ladder! The Hardys take advantage of both men being shaken up. They toss Christian and leave Bubba for them to do their Legdrop/Splash double team off the ladders. Christian hoists Jeff over the ropes in a nasty spot. Now Christian, Edge and D-Von in the ring. The Suicide Blonds chase D-Von up the ladder and give him a double superplex! Five men in the ring, everyone but Bubba Ray, two ladders set and Hardys/Blonds climbing. Edge with a Russian legsweep off the ladder on Jeff and Christian with a super facebuster on Matt. Bubba Ray tries to take advantage but instead all six men fight it out as the crowd chants for tables. All six men start climbing one of the three ladders. Christian and Matt get shoved off and ladder all the way on the floor (later they would add stacked tables to this spot, which was probably safer then just falling to the floor unprotected). Everyone else falls as well leaving the Dudleys in the ring. Christian gets back in the ring and the Dudley sandwich him with ladders. Edge tries to make the save but it’s 3-D time. The Dudleys get some tables to a huge crowd pop and they set up a platform using the table and two ladders. Smart way to grab the belts I guess. The Hardys return to the ring (crowd not happy to see them) and Bubba dumps Jeff and sends him into the ring steps. He positions a table next to WWF Deportes and powerbombs Jeff through one table off of another. Meanwhile in the ring D-Von sets up Matt on a table but misses the splash off the ladder. A little dead period here until Matt tries the ring barricade walk and eats Bubba Ray’s ladder. Bubba Ray sets up the now infamous 20-foot ladder and grabs a table to set up under it. As he admires his work, Christian runs over and nails him with the ring bell. Jeff tosses Christian into the ring barricade and decides to climb the ladder and hits the swanton. Amazing spot first time around.

Back in the ring D-Von does something to Christian and starts climbing the ladder but Matt Hardy cuts him off and hits a twist of fate. He and Christian start a race to the top and both get on the platform. Edge climbs up behind Matt and sends him off the platform and through a conveniently placed table, giving them enough time to grab the titles for the anticlimactic finish.

(Edge/Christian def. Dudleys & Hardy, belt retrieval, ****1/2, I actually liked the spots in this match more than the other two but the last eight minutes there was next to no action so they could set up the big swanton spot. They would tighten the match up considerably later.)

The First Challenger

Summerslam 2000
From The Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina
Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler

TLC Match for WWF Tag Team Championship: Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boys vs. The Dudley Brothers

(Note: Edge and Christian are the defending champions here) Dudleys and Hardys brawl to start and Edge and Christian bring in the chairs. Matt tosses a chair at Bubba’s face and Jeff with a chair-assisted leap of faith. Edge with a clothesline on Jeff. Christian and Edge double team D-Von and Edge with a drop toe that sends D-Von into a chair. First ladder is in the ring and Edge eats it. Bubba Ray with a DDT on Christian and he starts climbing but the Hardys powerbomb him. D’Von brings in another ladder and climbs next to Jeff. Edge joins in and gives a double Russian legsweep to them, sending all three off the ladder. Christian climbs on the other side and Bubba Ray joins him and delivers a sit-down slam from the top of the ladder. Jeff Hardy resets the ladder and climbs but Edge shoves him off and directly onto another ladder that seesaws and hits D-Von in the face. Edge and Christian miss a con-chair-to and Bubba Ray cleans house with another ladder. Edge walks into a scoop slam from Bubba Ray and the Dudleys hit the “wazzup” drop from the ladder. D-Von is instructed to get the table, which he does and the Dudleys give Christian a 3-D on the table to kill him dead (for now). The Dudley gets more tables and stack them in a 2 x 2 formation outside the ring. Back in the ring and Bubba Ray plans on powerbombing Jeff through the stacked tables but Edge beats both Dudleys with a chair. Matt gives Edge a twist of fate and a leg drop from near the top of the ladder. Jeff one-ups his brother with the springboard leg drop over the ladder. Crazy shit.

Edge is sandwiched in between a ladder by Matt and then he catches Christian on top and tosses him onto the ladder, in essence giving his own partner a frog splash. On the outside Hardy has set up the 20-foot ladder and goes for a swanton on Bubba Ray but misses and eats the table instead. Let’s reset here:

In the Ring: Matt Hardy and Edge
Outside the Ring: Christian and Bubba Ray
Knocked Out: Jeff Hardy
Unaccounted For: D’Von

Outside the ring Christian sends Bubba Ray into the post while Matt brings the super high ladder into the ring. Edge with a chair shot on Bubba Ray. Now Edge, Christian, D-Von and Matt Hardy are in the ring and climbing the ladder. Christian with an unprettier on Matt while D-Von and Edge also fall off the ladder and everyone’s down. Bubba Ray back in the ring and he sees everyone dead on arrival so he starts climbing but Edge and Christian recover and shove him off the ladder and onto those stacked tables they set up five minutes ago. Now it’s just Edge and Christian in the ring and they are climbing but Lita runs (bounces?) down to ringside and shoves over the ladder, sending Edge and Christian to the floor. Matt and Jeff are in the ring alone as the hometown crowd pops at the excitement of the locals winning but D’Von (where did he come from?) pushes the ladder over and onto another set of stacked tables. Lita runs to check on him and Edge spears her (that was DANGEROUSLY close to her head hitting a ladder unprotected). Now in the ring, somehow Jeff Hardy and D-Von start climbing and slug it out near the top of the ladder but Edge pushes the ladder from up under them and they are hanging on the apparatus that holds the belts. D-Von falls first then Edge and Christian hit Jeff with the ladder to nudge him off. Edge and Christian are left alone to climb and grab the titles.

(Edge/Christian def. Dudleys *& Hardys, belt retrieval, *****, just an amazing spot fest to end damn near all spot fests.)

The Second Challenger

Wrestlemania X-7: Houston We Have a Problem
From The Astrodome in Houston, Texas
Hosted by Jim Ross and Paul Heyman

TLC Match for the WWF Tag Team Championship: Edge & Christian vs. The Dudley Boys vs. The Hardy Boys

Well you knew when the WWF decided to book this match they wanted to up the ante on all-time greatness (by the way The Dudleys are the defending champions).

And we start with the six-man brawl. In the ring the Dudleys give Christian a double flapjack. Jeff Hardy hits a leap of faith on both Dudleys and Matt hits a side effect on D-Von. The Suicide Blonds grab a ladder and its’ ladder clotheslines for everyone. Christian and Matt are in the ring and Edge joins them as they tie Matt into the tree of woe and perfect some sick looking shit on him. Jeff goes flying to make the save but hits chair. Edge sets up the ladder and climbs but that doesn’t last long. Matt climbs and Edge clotheslines him off the ladder. Edge climbs the ladder and Jeff knocks him off with a springboard dropkick. Stereo baseball slides by the Hardyz into a ladder disposes of one of the Dudleys. Two ladders set up in the ring. Matt slams Christian and our first big spot of the night is a modified rolling thunder off the ladder. Dudleys get rid of the Hardys and beat up Edge. Wazzup drop from the ladder to Edge’s Rated-R-Superstar. “D’Von! Get the tables” (Why can’t Bubba Ray’s fat ass do it for a change?). More action and Edge is on the table. The Hardys back in the ring but Bubba Ray powerbombs Jeff onto Edge on the table. What a nasty looking spot. The Dudleys do a four stack of tables on the outside. The Hardys and Christian are in the ring long with three ladders. Matt dumps Christian over the top. Bubba Ray knocks Matt out with a ladder. A table is set up inside. All six men in the ring are racing up the ladders. Bye bye Matt and Christian. See ya Jeff and D-Von and for good measure Bubba Ray and Edge take a bump and all six guys are out. Christian sets up a table on the outside while Edge climbs on the inside. Spike Dudley runs to the ring, Dudley Dog for Edge off the ladder and one for Christian from the outside through the table! Jeff Hardy ready to capitalize on this turn of events and he climbs but Rhyno enters the ring.

Ladder for D-Von, Spear for Bubba Ray and a gore for Matt Hardy through the table. He helps Edge but Lita runs to the ring and rams Edge’s head into the ladder. Rhyno catches her for a press slam but Spike lowblows Rhyno. Lita hits the Lita-canrana from the top and Spike whacks Rhyno with a chair. He falls into the ladder and sends Edge out of the ring. We’ve got eight men, one women, four ladders and a broken table. Dudleyville Device on Rhyno. Lita back in and she wallops Spike with a chair but walks into the 3-D. Serves her ass right. Edge with a chairshot on D-Von and Christian with one on Bubba Ray. Time to get more plunder. Christian grabs the ol 20-foot ladder. Rhyno and Spike are laying gently on a table and Jeff hits the 20-foot SWANTON OF DOOM~! On both men. Big ass ladder is now in the ring. Christian and D-Von start climbing but Matt moves the ladder and leaves both men dangling. D-Von falls off and Christian falls off soon there after. Hardy tries to balance on four ladders to get to the belts but the ladders pull a no sell. Now Jeff is hanging from the top with no ladder. Edge climbs the big ass ladder and hits a spear on Jeff!! Now Matt and Bubba Ray climb the big ass ladder and Rhyno pushes them off and into the four-table stack! (still a great spot). D-Von tries to climb but Edge holds on to his foot while Rhyno gives Christian a boost and grabs the tag titles. Amazing stuff.

(Edge/Christian def. Dudleyz & Hardyz, ****3/4, I like the Summerslam match the most and this one had a few dead spots and needed three additional participants to get through it but it was still very good.)

The Decision

Match: Well the Summerslam match got the full monty and I still think it was the best of the three. It was the shortest match but there was very little rest as the guys switched off properly as eliminated the dead periods. SLIGHT EDGE: Summerslam

Storyline: This all really started at No Mercy of 1999 I believe when Edge/Christian took on The Hardys (then called The New Brood) in a tag-team ladder match for Terri Runnels’ services. Things sort of ballooned from there and the Dudleys came into the picture at Royal Rumble 2000 when they faced the Hardys a table match at MSG. I don’t think the three-way feud was continuous. The three teams would come together at times for a big match, go their separate ways and then come together again. By the time the Wrestlemania X-Seven match came about it was pretty much the final stand just because they wanted to one-up the last one. DRAW

Intangibles: Edge and Christian won all three matches and until his retirement Edge was the only one that stayed in the WWF/E the whole time. Actually by Wrestlemania X-Seven it almost seemed like Edge had outgrown the tag titles and sure enough he went solo a few months later and won The King of the Ring in 2001. While the matches put all six guys over to an extent it was Edge that always thought to be the true star and when finally given the opportunity he made it count. As for the rest, this changed the Hardys fortunes as well, not always for the better as we currently see, but they started 1999 as a low-card team and by the end of Wrestlemania X-Seven they were stars in their own right. Jeff Hardy’s run at the top of the card from June of 2008 to September of 2009 is one of the better self-made stories in the current era. So in many ways these matches served their purpose – make new stars. DRAW

Decision: With all things equal I just go with the best match which is Summerslam 2000.