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Wrestlemania Predictions and Plug!

Hey Scott,
Thanks again for participating.  I just posted the feature on my blog.  Hope you enjoy it.  Thanks again! 

No worries.  Hopefully I can destroy your blog as well.

Since we're on the topic of the big show, let's do some predictions!

Rock v. Cena

It's been a year of Rock getting the upper hand on Cena, and now he's gonna lay down.  In his hometown.  This might seem like a bad idea to anyone who doesn't want a riot in Miami, but they just don't understand the genius of Vince McMahon.  I think that later when cooler heads have prevailed and Steve Lombardi is doing the talking head portion of the documentary DVD featuring this match, they'll be like "Perhaps we shouldn't have done that finish" like they speak about putting Jericho v. HHH on last at WM18.  I don't think it'll be clean, I think ADR (who has said "I'm not at Wrestlemania" way too publicly) will run in and do the Rhonda Rousey gimmick and try to break Rock's arm while Cena and the ref are out, and Rock will gut it out and hit the People's Elbow anyway, but the pain will then be SO SEVERE from ramming his injured elbow into Cena's superhuman pecs that the ref will stop the match and award it to Cena, perhaps throwing up the X sign.  Then Cena will be all "Yo, Del Rio, your cars suck and you ruined my match with Rock, let's fight for the next 5 PPVs in an escalating series of stipulation matches."  MARK THAT SHIT DOWN.

HHH v. Undertaker

Really, the major question here is will there be blood?  And yeah, they're gonna go all Daniel Plainview.  Shawn Michaels can carry a match even when refereeing, he'll tease screwing Undertaker over so that we get the insane near-fall where everyone thinks the streak is over, and in the end Shawn will count HHH down and out to continue the streak.

CM Punk v. Chris Jericho

I feel like the storyline possibilities of Jericho winning the title and sending Punk to rock bottom, only to regain it in Chicago, are much better than Punk winning here and Jericho being all "I'm invoking my mandatory Wrestlemania rematch lazy writer's clause, beeyotch!" so they can fight again.  Plus Jericho has never won the World title at Wrestlemania, so that would be good for him.

Daniel Bryan v. Sheamus

You'd think Sheamus would have to win, but boy are they seemingly in love with heel champion Daniel Bryan, so the temptation might be too great for them here.  If they do, they MUST pull the trigger on Divas champion AJ so they can celebrate together.  NO WAIT.  Scratch that, Sheamus wins here, AJ wins the Divas title the week after, and Bryan starts THAT belt around like it's his accomplishment and never lets AJ actually acknowledge her own success.  THAT'S the winner winner chicken dinner, so I'm changing my prediction to Sheamus kills him clean by powering out of  the Lebell Lock into the White Noise for the win.

Team Teddy v. Team Johnny

Team Johnny wins somehow.

Big Show v. Cody Rhodes

I don't see why Big Show would care about the IC title or why they'd want to put it on him, but Cody really has a beating coming to him and they booked it as a title match, so the only really logical payoff is Show winning the belt.  Unless they go with "Cody gets himself DQ'd to retain so that Show wins, and then Show beats the holy hell out of him and does something really embarrassing to Cody to give Cody his own Wrestlemania Moment" type of deal, I dunno.  OR!  The match never happens.  Show gets attacked backstage by, whatever, Christian or Del Rio or whoever he's programmed with next.  Cody is like "ha ha, you BIG SHOW'D your shot at me, so I guess there's no title match", bam, FUNKASAURUS, and Cody gets destroyed and humiliated so that Show can replay THAT Wrestlemania moment and mock him.

Divas Match

I don't care.  Unless Tamina is involved somewhere, and then you know I'll be all over it.

Kane v. Randy Orton

Hopefully he punts the stupid mask right off.  RKO and Kane EMBRACES THE JOB.

I think that's everything.  How good will this show be?  Should be pretty damn good.  Cena-Rock will obviously be awesome, HHH-Undertaker should be good-great, Jericho and Punk are both giant wrestling nerds wrestling for the World wrestling title at Wrestlemania so you know they're gonna try to steal the show, and Bryan is in an insane zone of greatness right now so that should be good.  I will definitely get my $65 Canadian out of this one, I'm sure.

Buyrate prediction:  Just under one million.  If they did the wrist notes angle on last week's RAW, then 1.3 million buys, but they did a lot of harm in the two weeks leading up to the PPV because they had nothing further to say with the characters.


  1. Woooo predictions!
    Rock/Cena- putting aside my inner Rock mark it HAS to be Cena. Rock's leaving, Cena's your top dog and a large % of Mania buys come from the casual fan audience and it's just not a good idea to job out your face of the company to a part-timer who's not in it for the long haul. Beating Cena at Mania should become the new 'beating Taker at Mania' in that only guys with bright futures should do it. And while Rock will have the majority of support, this IS Miami and not Philly or Chicago. I don't see them pelting the ring with garbage, they'll just boo.
    Punk/Jericho- at first I was positive it'd be Punk, but news that Jericho's sticking around a bit longer than expected means Punk loses the title here only to reclaim it in Chicago. It'll be clean but they'll play it off as Punk losing focus cause of the mind games.
    HHH/Taker- Taker obviously. And I'm going against the grain and saying no blood. After the chairshots incident last year I think HHH and Taker are mindful of the double standard and all the Rock bashing ('he thinks he's above the boys') will cause them to fall in line with company policy.
    Sheamus/Bryan- Sheamus. You don't spend THAT many months building a guy up and giving him a pseudo-Goldberg push only to job him out on the big day (coughLugercough). Bryan can recover from a loss easier than Sheamus.
    Orton/Kane- Orton. No one cares. Except Orton.
    Team Johnny/Team Teddy- Johnny. They know what they have in Big Johnny (and Otunga!) is gold.
    Divas Match- Maria Menounos is smoking hot. That is all.
    Rhodes/Big Show- Has to be Show. Whole angle building to him getting his revenge. I don't care if he doesn't need the title and if Cody has a brighter future, you have to pay off the storyline with a Big Show win and an embarrassing moment for Cody.
    Buyrate: I was positive it'd be at or just above 1.3 million, but I realize now that the buzz just isn't at Trump levels (which had LOTS of non fans talking). I say 1.1 million.

  2. I think this is one of the most unpredictable WMs in recent years. You can make a case for either person winning aside from the divas match and I wouldn't be shocked at any result.

    Cena over Rock. They try to do the respect thing after the match and the crowd shits all over it, throwing trash in the ring like it's a 1998 Nitro. 

    Kelly Kelly and the celebrity chick over the other two chicks.

    Undertaker over HHH when HBK superkicks him, giving HHH ANOTHER excuse why he lost. He'll do the same thing as last year, telling everyone he really won the match blah blah blah.

    Team Johnny over Team Peanuthead. 

    Jericho over Punk leading to the rematch in Chicago where Punk will get another big hometown title win. 

    Orton over Kane.

    Big Show over Rhodes. Rhodes wins back the IC title the next night or next Smackdown.

    Sheamus over Bryan. AJ turns on Bryan, giving him a low blow. 

    I also think there is a small possibility that Punk retains, and Cena goes Austin WMX7 on Rock leading to Cena-Punk 3 at the April PPV. Cena cheats Punk out of the title to really cement a proper heel run. 

  3. Rock v. Cena

    All logic says Rock has to lay down for Cena... and yet, and yet... They're in Rock's hometown, this will be going on last and no matter what they've tried to accomplish in the last few months Cena is going to get booed out of the building.  A year ago I'd have said they would use this as the vehicle to turn Cena heel (especially now they have Punk who can step up to the number one face role - albeit whilst appealing to a different audience to Cena's).  However, they really seem to have no desire to turn Cena.  Therefore Cena goes over, but it won't be clean (debut for Lord Tensai?)

    HHH v. Undertaker

    There's part of me that fears this could be like the HHH Vs HBK HIAC match where they were so clearly trying to put on an epic that it kind of fell flat.  The streak will continue and HHH will eat the decisive pinfall.  And we're obviously all hoping for blood.

    CM Punk v. Chris Jericho

    If this match is going on first there's no way they're not going to have Punk go over as it would kill the crowd straight out of the gate.  That said I don't think it will be clean, either a run in or Punk exploiting a ref bump to give Jericho something to pin a rematch on (how about an Ironman? Not had one of those for a few years and I'd really like to see these two get a massive amount of time in a proper main event).

    Daniel Bryan v. Sheamus

    Weirdly the match I'm looking forward too most, which is testament to the awesomeness Bryan is bringing to the table right now. Threre's not really been much to this feud beyond Sheamus winning the rumble and challenging Bryan by default.  So lets have Bryan cheat to win to give Sheamus some fire for the rematch.  Have a feeling this could be pretty good.

    Team Teddy v. Team Johnny

    Seems suspiciousthat they would bring Christian back, announce him for this match and then decide his ankle wasn't up to it.  Team Johny wins following some help from Captain Charisma.

    Big Show v. Cody Rhodes

    From a storyline POV it makes no sense but Cody needs the win here and I think he'll get it.

    Divas Match

    Couldn't care less.

    Kane v. Randy Orton

    Boring.  Should be Swagger getting this spot not Kane.  Orton wins.

  4. I find Bryan/Sheamus the hardest to predict, but really any outcome works. This is one stacked card. Can't wait.

    I think Show will go over Rhodes, hopefully leading to a post-WM push for Cody. Would love to see him hit the main event this year.

  5. Thinking about the rumors about HHH/HBK at WM 29, I think a pretty good way to do that is if on Sunday, HBK costs HHH the match. The next night on Raw, a pissed off HHH gives HBK the Benoit treatment. He vacates all of his title wins, says that he won't make any more special guest spots, he even takes him out of the Hall of Fame. 

    HBK returns like in January or something, and the match is signed with the stip that if HBK wins, his legacy is re-intact. 

  6. First Mania in a while I've really been excited for.

    Cena wins, although I would be happy to be wrong here. Rock standing in the ring as his hometown crowd chants his name would be a cool visual to end the show.

    I'm hoping Punk wins, because I like the idea of long term champs, but it makes sense to switch it here for a month.

    D-Bry keeps the strap, he's WAY too much fun with it.

    Show wins, Cody keeps the strap. Feud continues.

    Teams Teddy and Johnny go to a double dq, or Johnny wins. I can't see Teddy running both shows.

    HIAC - There Will Be Blood. And the streak continues after some sweet chin music to HHH.

    Orton beats Kane.

  7. You been smoking those funny cigarettes again Scott? 

    Rock wins semi clean, leading to a rematch, I just don't think that Cena can win in Rocks home town unless it was a massive heel turn, which frankly would be my favoured result.

    Jericho upsets Punk building to Punk destroying Jericho down the line. (Jericho RETAINED the world title at WM26 Scott, so walking out with a world title at mania isn't new for him).

    Sheamus kills DB.

    Show beats Cody, though actually would make sense for Cody to continue his long IC title run and for this to lead to Show turning heel which is a much better role for him.

    Team Johnny wins.

    Taker wins clean against HHH.

    Orton beats Kane clean. 

  8. Rock vs Cena: Cena wins and I hope they don't do the respect thing. In fact I hope that Rock makes a point of not doing the respect thing.

    HHH vs Undertaker: Taker. Either Shawn calls it down the middle or he screws HHH. I would like Shawn to tease it, but call it straight.

    Jericho vs Punk: Punk, but on the off chance Jericho wins, I hope the next night on Raw he makes a statement announcing that he is taking the WWE title on tour with him and that's yet one more thing he can do better than Punk.

    SHEAMUS IS NOT LOSING! He's been build up too much and would be seen as a choke artist if he lost here. The Royal Rumble winner has to win for once too. Bryan has plenty to work with interacting with AJ, maybe he could move to Raw and feud with Punk?

    Team Johnny wins, though I'd like Teddy to win and then perhaps we could FINALLY stop using authority figures as a crutch. It was great when Bischoff did it and then McMahon did it better, but its been 16 years now, let's change it up a bit!

    The only reason to have the big show lose here is if they're going to continue with a losing streak gimmick and those never work. So Big Show.

    Faces win the divas match.


  9. Good idea, and it makes a lot of sense, but I don't want to see it. I think it's been forgotten, or at least overlooked, that half the time HHH/HBK had horrible faux-epic matches. And you know that's what they'd go for at Mania.

    Besides, it's years too late. They both (and Taker too) need to let it go after this year.

  10. The only real prediction I have is that the heat will be lacking for HHH / UT.  That picture of the cell made it obvious - no one after the first twenty rows will be able to see a damn thing in there and will be watching the screens instead.

    HHH may have burned off his more malevolent instincts, but just watch him "accidentally" go 10 minutes over time to screw over Rock one last time. I feel bad for poor Taker in that scenario, however, as he'd probably be happy with a 15 minute match.

  11. exodus316 exodus316March 30, 2012 at 8:05 AM

    Am I the only one not convinced that HHH is going to lie down for anyone three times at WrestleMania?  

  12. My predictions:

    Jericho/Punk steal the show.
    Triple H/Undertaker/HBK divides the Internet like it did last year. I think it's going to be a lot like Nash/HHH/Foley from 2003 where it's good but not mind-blowing
    Rock/Cena has an incredible atmosphere but disappoints.
    Daniel Bryan leaves WrestleMania as a mega-star.

    My one HOPEFUL predicition:
    Mike Tyson does a run-in during Hell in a Cell and I mark out so hard I crap myself.

  13. These are the outcomes I'd like to see, not necessarily what I think will happen:

    Rock/Cena: Double DQ.

    HHH/Taker: The rumoured black Cell obscures the crowd's view to the extent that they start chanting WHAT? continuously. HHH wins clean after Earl Hebner makes a surprising return. 

    Punk/Jericho: Jericho via suplex reversed into a small package. The feud must continue!

    Bryan/Sheamus: The money's in the chase and Bryan's awesome, so clean victory via Lebell Lock.

    Rhodes/Big Show: Rhodes retains when Show freaks out and gets himself disqualified.

    Team Teddy: Somehow.

    Orton/Kane: Kane due to Del Rio interference.

  14. The "End of an Era" stuff was a nice job by them to play into that.

    I think we're all waiting for the HBK superkick to Taker and 75,000 people having a heart attack.

  15. Another prediction: Punk/Jericho suffers from Perfect/HBK Syndrome where they hype the shit out of the match's quality and it fails to live up to the hype. Can also be called Rey/Eddie syndrome (WM 21 and entire summer of 05). Or perhaps the Anti-HBK/Angle.

    I think the match will be good not great. They've put too much pressure on themselves.

  16. Kane/Orton: Orton will win clean...maybe Zack Ryder will run in and get a tiny tiny measure of revenge on Kane for the whole wheelchair thing afterward

    Teddy/Johnny: Whichever GM wins will lead the crowd in singing "Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye" to the losing GM

    Cody/Show: The mark in me really wants to see Show smash Cody's nose in, so no matter what happens (probably Show wins by DQ), Cody will treat "leaving with his face intact" as a victory over Show for at least the next month.

    Jericho/Punk: Punk beats the holy hell out of Jericho and defends the honor of both his family and Professor BoreUs Malenko.

    Bryan/Sheamus: This one's tough...I'll be happy with either result. So let's say AJ gets thrown out early on trying to interfere in the match. While she's gone, Bryan uses every Ric Flair cheap tactic, until AJ returns to the front row with a ticket she "just" purchased. Sheamus sees her, Bryan slaps on the Lebell Lock and it's over.

    HHH/Taker: Taker wins clean and the H goes power-mad on Shawn the next night on Raw

    And I know it'll never happen in a million years, but I'd change my mind about my feelings on the Rock/Cena "feud" in a second if Cena goes full heel with Rock winning via Fingerpoke of Doom.

  17. Christopher HirschMarch 30, 2012 at 9:36 AM

    I think people decided to either buy or not buy this show well before 2 weeks ago. Completely disagree that will have anything to do with the buy rate. You either wanted to see Cena vs. Rock or you didn't.

    Cena over Rock
    Taker over HHH
    Jericho over Punk
    Sheamus over Bryan
    Big Show over Cody
    Team Johnny over Team Teddy, hopefully Mark Henry squashes Zack Ryder like a bug
    Orton over Kane

  18. Christopher HirschMarch 30, 2012 at 9:36 AM

    How would a terrible finish like that change your feelings about the feud?

  19. Does anyone know the buyrate for the PPV they kept Cena off of a few months back?  I still think that was a test run for a Cena heel turn, as in "Will we still pop a buyrate without Cena as the top face to carry it?"  If it tanked, then nevermind, but if it did OK, I could see a full blown Cena turn at long last.

  20. I'm guessing the whole "most masks at a public event" deal fell by the wayside.

  21. The feud never hit whatever notes it was supposed to hit for me. I think I'd just be amused more than anything else that for all the posturing and wrist notes and breakfast cereals (and how did everyone know to chant "Boots 2 Asses" last Monday?) that there would be no payoff to the bickering, Rock wins because he has everyone's money for doing jack shit, Cena wins because he has everyone's money for doing jack shit.

  22. Yeah, I think once all their masked wrestlers got injured they realized that wouldn't work. lol.

  23. I kind of agree with Scott. There are always people right on the edge and the build to this show peaked 2 weeks ago. They probably lost some of the people on the fence. Especially if those people ignore the build until 2 or so weeks beforehand. Then they would have tuned in to Raw and probably been bored.

    That being said, it would be interesting to hear some surveys on when people decide to buy the shows.

  24. Ship has sailed on Ryder/Kane. KNkowing the WWE writer monkeys they'll probably turn one of them in the next couple months and then they'll be in a random tag match on some SD! in June acting like the best of friends.

  25. I've never been to a satdium show so I'm asking this in earnest: Isn't that the way it usually is for over half the audience anyway? I don't see how people in the upper sections can really see anything in the ring at a place that big.

  26. I've never been to a satdium show so I'm asking this in earnest: Isn't
    that the way it usually is for over half the audience anyway? I don't
    see how people in the upper sections can really see anything in the ring
    at a place that big. 

  27. Both Cena and Rock should Rise Above HGH.

  28. Going in to the show, traditional booking logic would seem to indicate that Punk, Cena, Show, Sheamus, Taker, Kelly Kelly and Broduc Clay if he gets his rumored match are winning. All faces. I don't think WWE would actually do that so one of them will be a "surprise" finish. By process of elimination my money is on Jericho winning (and maybe Rhodes). Cena will go over b/c he's the WWE's meal ticket, celebrities never lose, Sheamus just took a 3-count on Raw so he's getting it back immediately, Taker is winning. Jericho winning would fit in with the storyline of Jericho destroying Punk's life (your family sucks and I'M ALSO BETTER THAN YOU AT WRESTLING) so I think that's going to be the big heel win. Plus, he just signed a contract extension.

  29. I would laugh so hard if they booked the same stupid double-countout false finish they did last year with Miz/Cena. You think the crowd last year hated it? Imagine how this crowd would feel...even if the match is restarted, that would be a great FU to the fans from Vince.

    Of course, when I think Vince now, I think of the @CrankyVince twitter account who has itchy wood & does cocaine with Mike Tyson.

  30. Shawn Michaels vs HHH at WM 20 was awesome!

  31. Cena v Rock - I'm thinking it'll be *****. If they aren't going to do a rematch, then I want Cena to win here, but just by the hair on his chinny chin chin. The Cena character is boring as hell now, but he's such a genuine, passionate, and awesome guy that I want him to destroy The Rock. I don't care how markish that sounds.

    Triple H vs Taker - Again, I'm thinking *****. I'm praying they have blood, because man, then there'd be no fucking stopping this bout.

    Jericho vs Punk - ****1/2-*****. I have nothing but confidence in these guys. I can't wait to see what they do. - now, in order to keep you busy before WrestleMania, or want something to keep the excitement going afterwards, head to my site and read my latest article, The Top 4 Best Uses Of The Word "Fuck" In PG-13 Movies. 

  32. Which is stupid considering they could have easily dressed Hunico back up as Sin Cara.

  33. It was, but surely they can't get away with another double disqualification (which, as you'll remember, led to the title being vacant until Summerslam).

  34. I can definitely see Miz getting involved, perhaps paying the Rock back for last year's favour.

  35.  You, sir, are jaded. Jaded I tell you!

  36. I'll bet money that there's a spot in the Streak match where HHH has Undertaker beat, but Shawn is KOed (inadvertent sledgehammer shot) and can't make the count.  I just don't see HHH (particularly given how this feud has been booked) putting 'Taker over clean without his ego getting in the way.

  37. I like the positivity, but does that mean you'd be disappointed with the show if the three matches you mention only hit four stars?

    Personally, I would hope HHH/Taker and Jericho/Punk hit - or break - the four star mark, Cena/Rock should do because of crowd reaction alone, and it'd nice to see Sheamus/Bryan get somewhere near. Fingers crossed for a classic show.

  38. The thing that everyone forgets, is that Cena has been dropping these "I have to win" and "I'm doing this for the boys in the back" lines the entire feud. He's losing, leading to the "boys in the back" giving him shit until the rematch.

    Show is winning by DQ, and destroys Cody afterwards in an epic fashion.

    The real question is, what match is getting bumped? There's two live performances on this show for the Rock and Cena entrances, and you know Taker and Triple H will have a long match. 

    I say Orton/Kane gets bumped, since it has the least amount of heat and no title on the line.

  39. If rumors are true that Rock's going to wrestle 1-2 matches a year (including potentially Summerslam and next year's WM) then it makes sense to have him win. There's no point turning him into another Mick Foley where everyone knows he's definitely going to lose every time he steps in the ring against a full-time wrestler. By having Rock win, it will send the fans home happy and keep him strong for whoever his next opponent is. And it's not like Cena's reputation would suffer irreparable damage with a loss.

  40. WWE has had Cena come out and claim he'll win because he always in these situations. Not even a glimmer of doubt or apprehension. Meanwhile, The Rock talks about how he has to win to have beaten all the greats. Out of the two, Rock seems more the face here, with Cena acting as the smug/bored heel that cannot find competition.

    Once upon a time, that would signal The Rock going over. But if Cena loses, it'll be pretty awkward for the long term employee and number one attraction to go on as if he didn't lose at Wrestlemania. If Rock wins, there has to be a rematch. The question is, can we survive another year long, mediocre build that involves both guys taking turns pissing on each other?

    As much as I don't want it to happen, Cena wins because Rock's whole purpose for returning was to put over Cena. It's the best move for WWE to make. John Cena needs a victory over a legend to be taken seriously by his critics, even if he draws more hatred for it.

    Undertaker/HHH- It's ludicrous to assume anything but an Undertaker victory. If UT was ever going to lose, it would have to be against a younger guy with a future, not HHH. They do a good job creating doubt, but there is no way UT is going to lose here.

    Jericho/Punk- Like Cena, Punk needs to defeat a legend to cement his reputation. However, since this storyline hasn't been played out over a year, there is still time to maximize the rub Punk could get from beating Jericho. I think Jericho wins, because McMahon would get a thrill out of doing a 'Punk has fallen off the wagon' storyline.

    The rest of the card is of little consequence either way, as WWE will completely forget any outcome from any of their matches in two weeks.  


  41. I bitched about in the Smackdown thread last week, but they've painted themselves into a corner with Rhodes-Big Show. It would be illogical for Rhodes to win given the direction of the story, but at the same time, Rhodes needs to be elevated. So there needs to be a screwy finish or they just say the hell with it and Rhodes win clean. 

  42.  And just to add a little more to what I wrote, I see nothing wrong with Cena winning and being booed out of the building. If anything, it makes Cena looks stronger for going into enemy territory and winning. I still list the strong underdog performance in Chicago against Punk as one of Cena's greatest moments. Why not have a 'hero' that lives by his code, regardless of what people think of him. Isn't that what CM Punk does?

  43. Christopher HirschMarch 30, 2012 at 1:11 PM

    I think Rhodes is moving on to bigger and better things once he loses. Even with a loss to Show all he would is a win in a #1 contenders match or some crap and he's elevated.

  44. As if UT doesn't have an ego, himself....riiiiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhhhtttt.  And HHH basically did put over UT clean last year.  I'm no HHH guy but I'm actually sick and tired of UT's streak and wish it could end.  I know I'm in the minority on that one.

  45. You claim Cena's winning and then that celebrities never lose but get this.....THE ROCK is a celebrity!   

  46. a former full timer and a guy who still makes a couple appearances a year I think he may be technically a celebrity, but he's certainly in a different class than one-time appearances like Snookie.

  47. As much as I'd agree that Orton/Kane is the least interesting match on the card, there's no way they bump Orton to the pre-show.

    My money's on Cody/Show getting bumped. No way they're bumping the "celebrity" Menounos, and I seriously doubt they'd bump the "winner gets control of both shows" stipulation match, either.

  48. "The Cena character is boring as hell now, but he's such a genuine,
    passionate, and awesome guy that I want him to destroy The Rock. I don't
    care how markish that sounds."

    Agreed, 100%.

  49. Or give Orton a mask.

  50. I agree - it will be 4*, but will be just a bit lacking, and will get overshadowed by Rock/Cena and Trips/Taker.

  51. You just made me think of something - maybe they recreate "Summerslam, 1997", with Shawn trying to "Superkick" Trips, but Trips ducks and Shawn hits Taker, instead.

    It wouldn't get the pin, but DAMN would that make everybody gasp in horror.

  52. Rock/Cena: Cena wins, Rock shakes his hand, they pretend they aren't getting boos that will be audible in Cuba, and the next night Cena is Super Cena again.

    Taker/HHH: Taker wins due to Shawn interference, so that it seems as though Taker couldn't beat HHH on his own and it builds to HHH/Shawn

    Punk/Jericho: Punk wins. I don't think Jericho has really caught on this time and I don't think they're gonna keep forcing the issue with him. Match should be good though.

    Sheamus/Bryan: Bryan wins via chicanery. I know people like Sheamus, I do too, and it wouldn't be great for him not to win here. But I'm aghast that so many people are willing to dirt road Bryan into being the periphery of a Diva's feud just for the sake of a storyline.

    Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy: kinda all depends on who wants to be off TV. I know Johnny is just starting to get going as an on-air persona but I don't know if he's really all that into being a permanent TV role. Teddy's been banging around for a long time himself, and his character is pretty much stagnant. So my gut says Johnny, but I'm not sure.

    Kelly Kelly/Maria Menunous vs. Beth Phoenix/Eve: Maria Menunous supposedly broke her rib on Dancing with the Stars and probably won't be able to even do anything, so this might not even happen. Expect Beth to win and Kharma to make her return for the challenge.

    Show/Cody: Cody wins, Show gets his revenge for the Embarrassing Moment afterward.

    Orton/Kane: Orton no sells everything, stiffs Kane back onto the IR, and still wins. The crowd dies a thousand deaths.

    Rumored pre-show Usos vs. Epico/Primo: Usos win the tag titles so Epico & Primo can continue jobbing unabated, somehow a spontaneous battle royal breaks out.

    Buyrate/Gate: I have no idea. All I know is I'm not agonizing over whether or not to get the show because I always watch with a friend that orders it, and all my money goes to Anheuser Busch and Pizza Hut instead of WWE.

  53. "I hope the next night on Raw he makes a statement announcing that he is
    taking the WWE title on tour with him and that's yet one more thing he
    can do better than Punk."

    I love it!

    Although, I have to say, I had a similar idea when Rock/Cena was first announced last year - that Cena would be champion and the match would be for the title, and it would be Rock winning it and only coming back to defend it once in a while, in full-on "Hollywood Rock" mode. Basically, "Summer of Punk", but before it was done in WWE.

  54. The thing with Cody/Show is they announced it weeks before, and has been a focus on the shows, especially Raw. Orton/Kane barely gets any mention on Raw, much like Bryan/Sheamus didn't last year.

  55. Here are two things I hope will happen but know that won't:

    Rock vs. Cena- Cena turns full-blown heel and cheats to win, to the shock of the crowd and the locker room and he does his version of Hogan's infamous "they can stick it" to the fans blast.

    Taker vs. HHH- The streak finally ends to my enjoyment, after HBK brings out Hall and Nash to reunite the Kliq to screw Taker.

    I don't care about the other matches other than to expect a good match from Punk vs. Jericho


  56. Well, reports just leaked that Lesnar is in Miami and may or not appear on the show.

  57. Cena/Rock: In all seriousness, I'd like to see the Rock go over here, and Cena winning the rematch at a PPV in Boston at like Summerslam or Survivor Series or something. If it's a one-off match, I go with Cena *groan*. It just makes more sense for the locker room to turn on Cena and he BEGS the Rock for a rematch but Rock is too busy doing movies.

    Taker/HHH: Taker wins after HBK teases animosity between both UT and HHH. Taker takes advantage.

    Punk/Jericho: Jericho wins. Punk attacks him at a Fozzy concert and gives him a rematch.

    Sheamus/Bryan: Bryan wins after he uses AJ to interfere the way Macho Man used Elizabeth in matches.

    Team Johnny/Team Teddy: Team Johnny wins.

    Kelly Kelly/Maria Menunous vs. Beth Phoenix/Eve: Because Maria's hurt KK will have to carry the load so this match will most assuredly suck..but the face team will win with Ryder interfering.

    Cody/Show: Show is the Anti Taker with his losing streak. No sense in changing it Show loses herre but wins the IC strap later.

    Orton/Kane: Orton. Next.

  58.  I remember reading that. It is a good idea.


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