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Wrestlemania Specialty Matches: Wrestlemania

So here it begins as I go through 27 years of Wresltemania specialty matches. I will admit I'll cheat a couple of times if I don't find a match that meet my criteria.

I'm also undecided on a few. Leaning towards the Piper-Adonis "retirement" match over the mixed-midget match and the "Royalty" match between JYD and Harley Race. And I'm undecided on whether to do the Ladder match at Wrestlemania X or the Savage-Crush falls-count-anywhere match.

Still I expect this to be fun so I want you guys to enjoy this and discuss freely.

From Madison Square Garden in New York City
Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura
$15,000 Body Slam Challenge: Andre the Giant vs. Big John Studd

Bascially the stipulation is Studd put up $15,000 against Andre's career if he couldn't slam him. I don't think the finish was in doubt here. The best stuff between these two guys, in my opinion, are the dozens of cage matches they had in the early 80s that ended with Andre landing a top-rope butt splash on a bloodied Studd. The PG nature of this show and Andre's slowly weakening knees probably kept them from doing a final cage match. First sign of blood at a Wrestlemania? It would be the hardway broken nose from Dynamite Kid during the finish of the Wrestlemania 2 tag match. The first "sanctioned" blood would be the Bundy-Hogan cage match. Although I think Corporal Kirchner might have hardway bled too but I don't remember.

Anyway Studd jumps on Andre before the bell as the crowd is HOT for this match. Andre rallies and gets into ass kicking mode with the crowd loving every second of it and Studd decides to bail out. Back in the ring and Andre chokes the shit out of him and the referee is deathly afraid of stopping it to the point of where even Gorilla makes mention at how poorly the referee is doing. Andre lets up and gives Studd a knee crusher and a big punch. Still in the corner and Andre with the power moves but Studd goes low and tries to slam him. Yeah right. Andre with a knee and he goes to the bear hug. I love how Ventura calls Gorilla by his real name (Gino) during various points of this show. Always made their exchanges seem that much more authentic. Studd goes to the eyes but he can't break the hold. Finally he does but Andre goes to a chinlock and lays a couple more hard blows on Studd. Andre with an armbar and he adds in some forearms. Andre sets too early on a backdrop but catches Studd's counter and continues to pound away. He is giving Studd absolutely NOTHING here. Big chops from Andre and some leg kicks from Andre. Showing those MMA skills. And finally he slams him like it was nothing and ends the match. Andre grabs the bag and throws the money to the people but Bobby Heenan grabs the cash bag and runs.

(Andre def. Studd, bodyslam, *, total squash but very enjoyable because everyone was into Andre. Hard to believe he wrestled in five more Wrestlemanias and participated in Wrestlemania VII as well. Both giants are missed by wrestling fans everywhere.)