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Wrestlemania Specialty Matches: Wrestlemania III

I can’t wait for Easter to be over. My husband and son have a crazy addiction for jelly beans, which means I have an addiction to jelly beans and we are going through way too many so far. Those damn Hawaiian Punch jelly beans are the devil I tell you!

Because someone mentioned Nikita Koloff leaving Crockett for Vince and main eventing Wrestlemania 2 (like we’ve all heard so many times) I’m curious of what ways the WWF would re-work his gimmick. Could they use the Nikita Koloff name? I’m thinking they would name him after Stalin and make him look like Schwarznegger in Red Heat.

Create the gimmick for Nikita Koloff as he’s built to face Hogan in Wrestlemania 2 and make a ton of money. Best idea gets a special match rant later!

Meanwhile I did the royalty match. No midgets this year but there’s always next year!


Wrestlemania III
From the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan
Announcers are Gorilla Monsoon, Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Bob Uecker

Royalty Match: “King” Harley Race vs. The Junkyard Dog

Uecker doesn’t last in the booth for more than a minute as he sees The Fabulous Moolah and decides to run after her. Race has Moolah a.k.a. The Queen of Professional Wrestling and Heenan in his corner, one is his manager and the other is the ladies champion. Since Moolah wasn’t scheduled for a match I guess they had to find something for her to do. She would lose the title to Sherri Martel and turn face a few months later in case anyone cares. Both of them are dead now. So is JYD. That’s depressing to think about.

We start with a little fisticuffs and Heenan quickly gets involved to allow Race to gain an early advantage. JYD rallies back with a big headbutt but Race gives a headbutt to the gut and dumps JYD to the floor. The swan dive headbutt to the floor misses, however. JYD clotheslines Race back into the ring and gives him a head cracker, which sends Race back out of the ring, complete with the face plant. Race is a bumping machine. JYD slams Race back in the ring and goes for an abdominal stretch…Eh? Race breaks it with a hip toss and hits a swan headbutt, which is stupid given JYD’s biggest strength. Race knocks himself silly with the move and JYD tosses him over the top again. Back in the ring and Race goes to all fours with more headbutts. Finally Heenan distracts JYD and Race hits the belly to belly suplex for the pin and the only time someone recorded a pin with that move in between the time Magnum TA and Shane Douglas used it as a finisher. JYD curties and bows and then whacks Race with the chair and steals his robe. Good for him.

(Race def. JYD, pinfall, **, short and inoffensive. Good fun for all involved and the fans ate it up.)