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WWE Plug

Hey Scott,

Here's a heads-up for those who may not be aware of it yet. just underwent a nice, new overhaul, but its best change could be easily overlooked; the "Classics" tab. Apparently, they're making the section free for the time being in order to drum up interest for the upcoming (or is it?...) WWE Network, as well as maybe trying to boost traffic for the site (it's shocking how little I go to despite being a diehard fan forever). So for those who haven't made the leap to ClassicsOnDemand or are tired of watching crappy VHS feeds on YouTube, this is a nice bonus they're giving the fans right now with a pretty cool library available.

Yeah, it’s a nice bonus for fans in the USA.  The rest of the world is geoblocked, even if you were a paying subscriber before the changeover.  Thanks, WWE.  It’s actually one of my pet peeves, where companies bitch and moan about piracy, but don’t leave the customer with any legal alternative to actually use the service they’re offering.  I know about UnblockUS, but fuck if I’m paying $5 a month to watch “free” content like this and Hulu. 

Yeah, if you’re stealing a UFC PPV you’re definitely doing something wrong and it’s impossible to have any sort of legal justification for it, but what about if I want to watch the new season of The Ultimate Fighter?  The rights are exclusively held in Canada by FX Canada, a station that’s available pretty much only in one part of the country and isn’t even carried by the biggest providers (it’s owned by Rogers Cable and everyone else seemingly refuses to carry it out of principle). 

Anyway, that’s your soapbox for the night.  Thanks to you and everyone else who e-mails me about this and thus rubs it in a little more that I can’t watch it.