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Because nobody is talking about Brock's return...

I thought I would join in on the Brock Madness and wrote my synopsis for how I would like to see him booked this year.
From UFC to WWE: Booking Brock Lesnar
I hope you and the Blog enjoy it!

Chris Bragg
The Ultimate Fight Show

Thanks!  And what about that UFC Sweden show?  Thankfully here in Canada all the UFC stuff is on Sportsnet so we don't have to worry about no one getting Fuel and it was a pretty good free show even if I didn't know anyone on the card aside from the multiple people named Thiago who I always mix up.  If it was WWE one of them would have their name changed to "Garrison", I'll tell you that much.   


  1. The UFC Sweden show was a very pleasant surprise! I was only really interested in a couple of the fights and both the undercard and the main event delivered! The undercard reminded me of a Bellator show where the guys fought with a real sense of hunger and really went after it!

  2. Rock just tweeted this:

    BREAKING NEWS: Wrestlemania 28 sets all time PPV buys & one day global gross record. #TeamBringItWorldwide THANK YOU!

    Appears despite whatever qualms some had with the build, it really didn't matter. Rock vs. Cena was going to draw at a WM no matter what.

  3. The UFC Sweden show was really good, especially considering it was the first UFC action (excluding TUF) that we've got in over a month. Brian Stann is a guy the UFC can really build a division around if he can improve enough to become a champion. I mean, how can you NOT like the guy. Thiago Silva could be (and probably should be) one of the best in the world, but can't get out of his own way at times. Its a shame, really.

    This weekend's UFC 145 should get the MMA world back in track. As good of a card as it is, this is only a 1 fight show. But what a fight it is going to be!

  4. On the Lesnar-Cena match, I know WWE will probably never do this but if they want to establish Lesnar as a monster and go further with the Cena-questioning-himself storyline, Lesnar should make him submit. That would make a massive statement.



  6. were the fans screaming "Da!" at Daniel Bryan during their tour of Russia? We need to know these things.

  7. The UFC event wasn't that bad. Shame it was on the lowly Fuel channel that no one in America has.

  8. Speaking of the UFC...what does everyone think of Jon Jones being sponsored by the UFC? Conflict of interest, perhaps?


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