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Hey Scott!
The British Bulldogs and Brainbusters did actually have 1 match just days before Survivor Series 88. Dynamite Kid talks about it in his book. Vince wanted them to put Arn and Tully over clean. Dynamite refused and threatened to not go out and do the match. After the agents called Vince that night, Vince simply stated "change the ending" because he knew the Bulldogs would be gone in a matter of days anyway.
The match took place in Columbus, Ohio just several days before. There is an official record of the match as well at

BTW, Wanted your opinion on something
If Mike Von Erich doesn't get ill, do you think he may have been able to continue to improve and get better as time went by?
Between late 84 and into the summer of 85, he was really starting to show flashes of getting good and started to show more charisma as time went by. He had some really good matches with Gino Hernandez and even for his biggest detractors, he was just as important to the WCCW scene at that time as his brothers, as he was doing the 6 man feud with the Freebirds and later with Gary Hart's henchmen.
Whats your take?
I dunno, the little bits I saw of Mike didn't really impress me.  Kerry or Kevin or David at least you could point them out and say "He looks like a wrestler".  Mike (and later Chris) just looked like guys in a wrestling ring.  They just didn't have that presence that their brothers did.  Although I'm sure Mike would have gotten better, but the illness was such a huge part of his issues that there's just no way to tell what he would have been like in his prime 100% healthy.  

And I actually have the Dynamite book, but I forgot about him talking about that.  Thanks for the heads up.