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Cena/Brock spot?

Hey, it's AndyPG again.
I just thought of THE perfect spot for the Cena/Brock match at Extreme Rules.  About 30 seconds in, you have Cena get a takedown on Brock and begin punching away in the mount, only for the ref to pull him off.  When that happens, BOOM!  Brock hits one of his Steiner-esque clotheslines.  This serves two purposes:
1) Humbles Brock a little by having him get out-MMA'd;
2) Sticks it to UFC by saying, "Hey, look at us!  When we say we have an epic main event, IT IS EPIC!  Our main events don't end instantly!"
<And before you say it, Sheamus/Bryan OPENED.  It didn't MAIN.>
On a scale of Yuck to Awesome, where would you rate that dig at UFC?
Did you send this on a typewriter hooked up to the internet?  What's with that font?

Why would you possibly want to humble Brock?  They need this dude to plow through all their top guys for months afterwards, this isn't the time to be humbling anyone.  And the Bryan-Sheamus match was set up specifically to show that the World title matches CAN end in a minute or less like UFC, so that it's more realistic and early near-falls mean something.  

I rate this idea a YUCK.  


  1. Why would they start Brock's burial of the whole promotion with a humbling?

    The guy has every other wrestler to make look like an amateur still. 

  2. If you are gonna humble someone, call the Sheik!

  3. LOL at John Cena attempting to humble Brock. A busted lip would be the least of his concerns.

  4. Five million bucks for the year and Cena "humbles" Brock in their first match in less than a minute?

    I don't see ANYONE beating Brock until Wrestlemania.

  5. The Love-Matic Grandpa!April 10, 2012 at 12:04 PM

    Are they really paying him that much money? Jebus...

  6. Hey Scott, since when did Russo start writing you emails?

  7. I don't believe the Bryan-Sheamus match was set up to show that World title matches can end so quickly. I genuinely think they wrongly believed that fans didn't care about the match. Randy Orton said in the build up to WM that his match with Kane was bigger than Bryan-Sheamus, and i think Vince and co felt the same way. I still maintain it's the second worst booking decision in Wrestlemania history (first place still goes to Hogan's impromptu title win over Yokozuna).

  8. I still don't see the benefit of feeding all of the top stars to Brock, only to feed Brock to the Rock, and then have both of them gone after this year.


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