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Dungeon of Doom Plug

Hi Scott, sorry to bother you. Was wondering if you'd consider giving my page a 'like' and if you're feeling especially generous, consider letting me share a link to it on your wall? Thanks either way!

The Dungeon of Doom!
Why the Dungeon?
Looking back at a lifetime of watching wrestling, there is no question that the Du...


  1. There are many old-school wrestling themes that deserve to make a comeback today.  THIS on the other hand, is not one of them.

    I mean seriously, Hogan touches the water, jerks back, and screams "IT'S NOT HOT!!!".  Oscar worthy acting right there.

  2. I always thought the Dungeon of Doom was a cool idea in theory -- a stable of monsters basically, doing devilish and satanic bad guy stuff.  The problem to me was that it had absolutely no edge at all as executed -- it was just silly and cheesy.  If they'd made everyone a little more nasty and creepy, I think a gimmick like that could work/could have worked.

  3. Yeah the idea was sound but the execution was fucking terribe, I'd be more scared of Papa Shango than this collection of losers with face paint. 

  4. Yeah, I'm told Kevin Sullivan actually did a pretty good take on the 'satanic cult leader' idea in Florida.


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