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Fwd: Dick Beyer in the Buffalo News

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Papa Smark!

Here's a neat article about "The Destroyer" Dick Beyer, who's from/lives in my area of Western New York. It appears he will be honored with the Japanese Consul-General's Commendation for 2012 tomorrow night at Ilio DePaolo's Restaurant in Blasdell. NY.

Nice article; he is still a big deal in Japan. Good for him!
-CJ Ambrosia


  1. I haven't had a chance to watch any of the Destroyer's work, but I've heard nothing but great things about him as a worker.

  2. Upstate reprazent, kid!

    If he came to an indie show in my area, I'd come check out the Destroyer. Even if he's from way before my time and that style is pretty foreign to me, you gotta help support the real old-timers. God knows Vince ain't gonna do it.

  3. Yeah, it's a shame he won't get WWE love. Some of the DVDVR guys swear he's up there with Funk and Brisco, if not better, when it comes to high-level '60s and '70s workers.

  4. He was really good, and really loud too. Always bitching to the ref at full volume. Think Nick Bockwinkel + The Spolier + Iron Mike Sharpe.

  5. For those interested, Beyer's bio "Masked Decisions" is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble...the book is selling well due to Dick's personal stories and amazing life and wrestling fans will enjoy his inside stories and people will love his personal saga...


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