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The importing begins

Tonight begins the LONG process of importing the posts from Wordpress over to Blogger, and it's a huge pain in the ass and kind of buggy.  So there will be two things you will notice:

1)  There will be some multiple posts of older stuff.  Nothing I can do about it.

2)  Comments from the old blog are gone.  Sorry, but I have to convert everything in very small chunks, and the easiest way to cut down the size of the file transfers is to delete all the comments.  I still have the permanent backup for posterity on my hard drive and I'll transfer them over again via Disqus someday, but for now they're gone.

3)  All the tags from the old blog are also gone.  See point #2.

4)  It's just going to be my stuff moved over, not the other authors.  Nothing against them, but again, I can literally only convert 1 MB of posts at a time and every bit of space counts.

At any rate, I'm currently working backwards and have March 2012 - October 2011 transferred over.  I've added a handy search box to the sidebar so you can look up the 2012 Scott sez rants and such if you'd like now.


  1. Quick questions - Do you still have the archives available for download and are you planning on adding the 2012 Scott Sez' to them if you update them?

  2. I have all the archives uploaded to my Google account as a backup and I'm thinking I might just provide access to that eventually rather than having the downloaded file.

  3. If you haven't donated for the archive, do yourself (and Scott) a favor.  I still have those saved in their own separate folder.

  4. So is the blogger site eventually going to be hosted somewhere else, or has the server already found its permanent home?

    Wordpress seemed to move considerably faster, but that could because of the temp solution here.

  5. Nope, this is it. Some people say one was faster, some people say the other, so I think it just depends on your browser and location and other stuff I can't control.


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