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Found this one in the spam folder for some reason, and I just had to post it.  

How much time do you think each match will get at WM 28?
I'm worried Bryan-Sheamus is going to get only 9 minutes, like Orton-Angle-Rey at WM 22.  I remember being really pissed that  Punk-Rey only got 6 minutes a couple of years back too.  Now that I think about it, Rey-Matt Hardy at 19 too. (Hmm... Rey in all 3)
Any other criminally short WM matches you can think of?

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure Bryan-Sheamus won't get 9 minutes.  Just a feeling.  


  1. The Love-Matic Grandpa!April 10, 2012 at 8:58 PM

    Nine minutes?!? That IS funny!

  2.  That would have been an uncomfortably long kiss!

  3. I can see Bryan winning the first fall in something like 20 seconds. 

  4. That random question actually got me thinking about Rey. He's never had a good (or, I should say, satisfying) Wrestlemania match, has he? Short opener at 19 vs. Matt, cruiserweight mess at 20,  disappointing but decent opener vs. Eddie at 21, entertaining but criminally cut short three way at 22, ten second match with JBL at 25, disappointingly short match vs, Punk at 26, and an average match with Cody at 27...not to mention missing 23, 24, and 28 with injuries.

    That's a really disappointing run for a guy who's had such a great career as a worker.


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