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Let us honor the memory of Dick Clark...

...With this vintage performance of JYD performing "Grab Them Cakes."  As a kid, seeing a wrestler on American Bandstand was THE definition of cross-over success.

I guess that answers the question about whether he was ever truly capable of ageing once and for all.  Very sad day.  


  1. Man, that dude was a legend. Unfortunately he was also one of those guys that could just never give it up, like a Flair, the last few years after the stroke were goddamn painful to watch.

    Somewhere Seacrest is doing very gay looking back flips.

  2. Umm, why would Seacrest be happy about that? 

    He did like 95% of the New Year's show anyway, with Clark getting to give a few slurred thoughts here and there, along with the countdown.  I imagine he was stoked to be working with a legend, more than anything.

    Besides, Seacrest has the whole American Idol thing going for him to soothe any hurt pride he might allegedly have.   Doubt he needed Dick Clark to die to feel any sort of reassurance about himself.

  3. Dick Clark is the greatest television personality of all time. He set the standard for everyone from Seacrest ("Bandstand", "New Year's Rockin' Eve) to Bob Barker (Clark was a GREAT game show host) to the Grammys (the AMAs were the first network awards show to focus on performances). He provided 3 or 4 generations with endless entertainment and hE will be sorely missed...

    For now, Dick long.

  4. Yeah, I didn't figure you'd have a good explanation for that either lol.

  5. Don't have said Seacrest would do backflips over the death of one of his idols.   Then when I said it made no sense, you felt silly.  It's ok, it's just a message board.

  6. lol

    No really, keep trying.

  7. You do the worst "I'll pretend none of this bothers me" act I've seen in a while.

    Same guy who replied to someone else 16 hours later and said "I REFUSE to allow so and so to claim I sai d blah blah blah "  lmao.  

  8. Good mawnin' good mawnin'

  9. I knew someone would get that.


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