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Moar fantasy WWE booking that will never happen

Since Punk was so anti-Johnny, now that Johnny Ace is the GM he declares Punk's title (I can't remember if he's WWE or World Champion) will be on the line at Extreme Rules under the old Hardcore Title 24/7 rules. At the start of the ppv Punk MUST be in the arena or forfeit the title. Then the title will be on the line - falls count anywhere - until Johnny declares the ppv is over.
Fast forward to 10:50 pm where, after Punk has been running for his life for more than two and a half hours. Punk just gets finished kicking out from under of someone when someone pops him on the back of the head with a bottle. We think it's Jericho but after the pin the close up reveals it's Johnny, who says "Extreme Rules is now over!"
Todd Nisoff

Well, I don't think I like your idea about Johnny seemingly ending up with the title, but I think that resurrecting the Hardcore title rules for one PPV is actually a clever idea.  That's actually a great way for Johnny to fuck with Punk, although I would end with Punk beating a bunch of midcard guys, getting worn down more and more, and then finally running into a pissed off Brock Lesnar to complete the Knightfall storyline that others have suggested.  That way Punk looks really strong and really sympathetic, as long as they don't give into the temptation to change the title a bunch of times in the same night.


  1. It'd make sense for guys to keep breaking up any attempted pins or submissions on the champion as the night wore on, because who'd want to face a fresh guy instead of the guy who's had his ass kicked all night?

  2. lol Laurantis as WWE Champion? Yikes. Did Vince Russo write that e-mail? 

  3. That still makes Punk look like a chump.

    If you do Knightfall, with Brock as Bane, you need to make it last 4-5 PPVs and culminate in Summerslam having Brock beat Punk, complete with Cena being made into a complete bitch of a failure (several high profile beatings from Brock) in order to sell us on the notion that Cena is utterly pathetic and worthless and that PUNK is the face of the company as far as standing tall but slowly but surely being worn down by the gauntlet he is running.

    You have kill Cena dead AND spend several months building up Punk for it to work. No ifs ands or buts because if you don't, no one will care about Punk going into the match and it will be rendered meaningless. And unless you establish Cena=Bitch, no one is going to care about Punk being a threat to Brock; he'll just be someone Brock is slaughtering with no impact.

    Brock Vs Punk is the money feud since they've never done battle before and you can build it up to cement Punk as THE top guy. Drag out the build up AND reduce Cena to a loser who exists solely so that Brock can have someone to kick in the head whenever he feels sadistic. By reducing Cena to jobber status, you can clear the field for Punk to FINALLY ascend and moreso, make Punk be the guy who will have to put Brock down when you have Brock, upon winning the belt, ducking Punk and forcing him to refight the gauntlet win the belt back at WM.

  4. I mean, under this logic why don't you just have five or six guys gang rape Punk with steel chairs and all cover him at the same time.  Jericho V. Chyna stipulates that two or more individuals can be co-holders of a singles title at the same time.  So then we can just hand out participation awards like this is Little League and everybody gets to be their own special Little World Champion.  This has the added comedy of each guy having to protect the other five guys from getting pinned or they all lose the WWE Title.  Each guy can headline a different PPV so John Cena can wrestle a new guy every month for the belt!  Then at Wrestlemania we can reenact the Armageddon PPV and have all six men wrestle in a (bloodless) Hell in a Cell for the title.

  5. "By reducing Cena to jobber status"
    My favorite line ever on this blog.

  6.  Minus all the bitch-making, you're right on that it'd be a good idea to build up Punk by having Brock go through Cena first.

  7. We've already seen the world title defended under Hardcore rules. It's called Money in the Bank.

  8. I'm very interested in the first promo Punk cuts on Brock. You know he won't hold back so I'm curious in regards to the material he'll use.

  9. The idea behind Johnny getting the title briefly was to set up even more heel heat then have a story line where he gets stripped from the title the next night by (random McMahon or someone banging a McMahon,) then having a tournament for the title.

    I disagree the MITB is the world title defended under hardcore rules: you only have to watch out for one person, under 24/7 even the referees and hot dog vendors can pin you.


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