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NXT - April 18, 2012

Date: April 18, 2012
Location: 02 Arena, London, England
Commentators: William Regal, Josh Matthews

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We're in Regal country tonight and after a good show last week, hopefully this time things pick up even more. We've had some stories on the show lately and they've been done well with the long backstage segments. For the first time in a long time I'm actually looking forward to this show. Let's get to it.

The opening video now has a recap which is the exact same format of Glee. I think that's Bateman narrating. It covers the whole Stolen Striker story. This even has the bell and the title in lower case letters.

Percy Watson vs. Johnny Curtis

Regal gives us a quick story about hang gliding naked and being in jail for two days, getting here just in time. The announcers are talking about Glee now as Maxine sits in on commentary. Watson hits a leg lariat for a quick two. Maxine blames Curtis for being the mastermind for the whole Striker caper. There's no relationship between Curtis and Maxine. Curtis makes his comeback but walks into an armdrag.

That gets Watson nowhere so it's right back to Curtis choking away. The majority of this match is about Maxine and the plot which she denies connection to, meaning the camera is on her for most of the time as well. Regal talks about going to the Himalayas and how they can pick up a mountain gazelle for its hair and how it was made into something he's wearing today. That's a bigger lie than anything Maxine has said today.

Curtis hooks a chinlock as this is getting more time than it probably should given the guys that are in there. A jawbreaker gets Watson out of the hold and he speeds things up. A dropkick puts Curtis down as does the jumping clothesline. Heisman gets two and the Persecution gets the pin at 8:19.

Rating: C-. I'm really hoping this commentary with Maxine/Regal is leading to SOMETHING with Watson as he's having the same match every week and there's nothing coming out of it that I can see. Watson is athletic but he needs some reason for us to care about him which he doesn't have at all right now.

Post match Regal calls Curtis to the back. Curtis has to sit in on commentary with Regal during Maxine's match, which is next.

Maxine vs. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn has new music. She grabs two quick rollups for two and a backbreaker for the same. Maxine comes back with a neck crank and some chest slaps. Curtis talks about playing as Regal in WCW/NWO Revenge which is a cool thing to hear. Kaitlyn breaks out of it and hits a cross body for two. Maxine sends her into the buckle and a dragon sleeper with a body scissors gets the submission at 3:33.

Rating: D+. They look good and that's about it. Maxine is one of the few Divas with an actual personality and it helps her a lot. That and she's not just another blonde. The match was nothing that good but it was better than most of the 40 second matches that I've gotten used to lately from the girls.

Post match Regal says he doesn't believe either of them about Striker, so Maxine is required to be his manager or they're fired. He has a contract to make it official. They go to sign it and Regal handcuffs them together. That's from the arrest story he told to start the show.

Titus and Young are in the back and.....THEY'RE GOING TO SMACKDOWN???? AS IN PEOPLE ARE LEAVING THE SHOW???? SOMETHING IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING ON THIS SHOW??? They do a stupid dance.

Striker is looking in a mirror and has Hawkins' cane. There's a showdown tonight.

Raw ReBound is about Punk vs. Jericho.

Reks and Hawkins are yelling at each other in the back and say they're done. Maxine and Curtis come in and yell at each other as well because they're stuck together. Watson comes up and laughs at them. Bateman comes up and finds it hilarious. Kaitlyn thinks Maxine should be used to handcuffs. Comedy ensues.

Here are Hawkins and Reks who say that Regal doctored the footage which said it was them that kidnapped Striker. Striker pops up and says that he's not 6'3 and 300lbs but he's been accepted. He calls the two guys chavs which will make sense if you're from England but the name fits. Striker talks about being chloroformed and beaten. The people don't believe the lies and everyone knows it was them. Hawkins says so what so Striker swings the cane at both of them. Regal stops them and says right now it's Reks vs. Hawkins, loser gets fired.

Curt Hawkins vs. Tyler Reks

Oh and Striker is guest referee. He just happened to be wearing a referee shirt under his jacket. Reks says they're friends but in the middle of it Hawkins decks him. We take a break with Hawkins on the floor. The bell rings when we come back and Hawkins is sent to the floor again. Reks pounds on him as Regal talks about throwing a ferret in a bucket with a rat. Reks misses a top rope shoulder and Hawkins takes control.

Off to a chinlock as the fans make Reks the face by default. A kind of suplex gets two and Hawkins guillotines him on the top rope. He spends too much time yelling at the people though and Reks hits a pescado to take him out. Downward Spiral gets two in the ring for Tyler. Hawkins tries what looked to be a suplex of some sort but Reks gets behind him and a rollup pins Hawkins at 5:30.

Rating: D+. I'm glad one of them is gone as this isn't an interesting pairing at all. The heel team of them didn't work either and I don't know of a single instance where I cared about these two at all. Not a good match either although Hawkins isn't terrible I guess. At least the match was short though. Striker didn't mean anything at all in this match.

Striker punches Hawkins post match.

Regal fires Reks post match as well because he wants to.

Overall Rating: C. Hokey smoke FOUR PEOPLE left the show tonight. Considering there hasn't been anyone gone in months, this is catching up for lost time to say the least. I'm very glad that they're actually changing some things for once as now the only rookie left is Bateman, assuming Titus and Young don't stick around anyway. I can't imagine them hanging out on Smackdown that much, but at least we might get some fresh blood here. That's a huge step in the right direction for this show and that's a good thing.

Percy Watson b. Johnny Curtis – Persecution
Maxine b. Kaitlyn – Dragon Sleeper
Tyler Reks b. Curt Hawkins – Rollup

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Percy Watson b. Johnny Curtis – Persecution
Maxine b. Kaitlyn – Dragon Sleeper
Tyler Reks b. Curt Hawkins – Rollup


  1. God, WWE is so dedicated to breaking up tag teams that they split up Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins? Have they ever actually been on the main show in an actual tag match? 

  2. Not that I recall.  Then again an actual team of jobbers might be useful, like in that match with Big Show/Khali on Monday.  But hey, when you can squash the tag champions twice in a month, go for it baby.

  3. Since both Reks and Hawkins are gone I expect them to make up and reform their tag team on the main shows.

  4. Don't believe they ever made it anywhere past NXT and Superstars to my knowledge as a team.


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