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The Piledriving Critique: Monster Brawl

They did the Monster Mash.

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  1. Good job.  This is probably what Scifi (Syfy) wanted when they agreed to the ECW show.

    They could've come up with something better than Swamp Gut in lieu of Swamp thing, no?

  2. I actually went to see a screening of this at Fantasia Fest in Montreal this year and got to chat with the cast and crew afterward, including Kurrgan. None of the people I went to see it with were wrestling fans, but they were still in awe of Kurrgan since they knew him from "Sherlock Holmes". I can't say I disagree with your comments about the film, but it was an absolute blast to watch it with a large, enthusiastic crowd.

    I should also mention that I saw this one month before Summerslam and NEVER thought the next time I'd be seeing Kevin Nash would be the SS main event!

  3. Some movies are better in theaters for the experience alone, it wouldn't surprise me if this was one of them. 


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