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Punch-O Plug

Normally I would be hesitant to ask for a plug, but my friend just
spent a year trying to create his own Iphone / Ipad game and now that
it's released we're trying to get the word out. It's called Punch-O
Fight-O, and as the title would lead you to believe it's a Street
Fighter-style fighting game and it's pretty cute. You can be a wooden
robot, a Nosferatu, a sloth-man... People that like fighting games,
especially one with over-the-top characters, would probably really
like the game. Given that the whole thing was done by only two people
it's pretty cool.
The link to the game directly is here:
If you want to see a preview of the game, there's a video here:


Not sure why anyone would be hesitant about asking for a plug at this point.  Good luck with the game!