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Superbrawl III

Been watching the VERY UNDERRATED Superbrawl III (would like to see a retro rant)...and have a few questions:
1) What was up with Benoit being there?  Was he a one shot deal? Supposed to be more? Don't remember him from this period.
2) When did the Heavenly Bodies switch from Pritchard/Lane to Pritchard/Del Rey and why?
3) Why did Flair return on this shown but not win the title until ten months later?
and 4) What happened to Missy Hyatt?  She was SMOKING hot on this show.

1.  They were basically trying him out and didn't really know what they wanted to do with him at that point.

2.  Lane retired and went to WWE as an announcer.

3. He won the NWA World title/International World title from Windham very shortly after this show.  

4.  She got old and broke down fast.  


  1. Some of "The SmarK"'s answers have been very concise recently...

  2. Dear Scott,
    Who is this Kane guy? Please could you explain who he his / his back story?


  3. (it's such a fuckaround to comment on the iPhone) I believe he's Steve Disalvo...

    1. Really? Wow! I thought he played the 2nd Ultimate Warrior, after the first one had died.

  4. Regarding question 3, wasn't it due to a clause he had to abide to for leaving WWE that he didn't wrestle for several months?  He could still make appearances of course which is where the Pipers Pit-like interview segments came from.

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  6. Maybe he's doing it on an iOS system, too...

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  9. Android, but yes, if you notice brevity of posting it's generally because I'm posting via e-mail on my phone to try to clear out the mailbox on my lunch breaks.

  10. Disqus should be mobile-enabled again. I kept forgetting to turn it back on after I changed the layout a while back.

  11. Great, thanks, Mister K; will try out tomorrow.


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