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Hey, quick question.  With Vince tentatively looking at Rock vs Brock at WM 29 in NY, should there be concern about potentially reliving Goldberg/Lesnar from WM 20.  Knowing that it would be Brocks last match and probably Rockys last match also, wouldn't this be risky?  I think that either 1) the crowd is 100% pro-rock due to his WWE lineage (vs a Goldberg mercenary hire) or 2) the crowd is so disinterested knowing both guys will be gone the next Raw that they completely turn on everything, circa WM 20.  Thoughts?

I think it’s a little bit early to start worrying about the crowd reactions for a match that hasn’t even been announced yet. 


  1. I'd also add that it would be a different vibe.  Lesnar's departure came out of nowhere (to most) at WM 20.  This time the crowd would know what it's getting well ahead of time.  It would sort of be like HHH-Undertaker this year - the last stand for both guys.  It wouldn't be two regularly performing superstars up and quitting at the last second before their match.

  2. Main eventing WrestleMania 29 with that match would be absolutely fucking pathetic. I don't care how much money it would draw. With the roster of talent they've got... to tell them all, right now, that not one of them can work their way into the WM main-event slot, no matter how much they bust their asses and connect with audiences over the next 12 months--and all so two part-timers can punch a buy-rate one time--well, Jim Ross's locker room metaphors are going to seem pretty thin, after that.

    I'm not one of these guys who criticized WWE for promoting The Rock this past year. He's one of the all-time greats, and he deserved it, once. But he was also paired with a full-time star.

  3. Yeah I like the idea of them facing current stars too. However I think the money would be in Rock vs Brock more than anything. Vince has obviously made it clear over and over he doesn't give a shit what the smarks want. The marks would like that match.

    The potential is there for the crowd to turn on it. It is New York, well New Jersey but same difference.

    The stars of today will get their chance to headline in 10 years when they make their big return or after they become huge main stream stars as well.

    Now that I think snout it, Rock and Brock are the two biggest main stream stars ever to come out of wwe. Brock for a real sport and Rock for movies. Hogan and Austin might have done other things but they are still only really known as wrestlers.

    Unless you want to include Stacey Keibler.

    That last one was kind of a joke. But than again she is the only other WWE person aside from Rock to attend the Oscars.

  4. I like Brock, and I like The Rock, but man do I not care one bit about a WM between the two of them. Like others have said, it'd be a match between two wrestlers who are either there part time, or won't be there come the Raw after.

    Plus I don't feel they have a built in storyline like Cena/Rock, who you could see as the two greats of their own eras.

    Strangely enough, if they're going to stick Brock in a high profile match, I much rather see him pitted against the Undertaker. I think they actually have more history between the two(anyone remember the image of Brock standing on top of the hell in the cell with the World title?)

  5. Better question: With all the rumors about Rocky AND Brock being at WM29 what does that do to our chances of seeing Austin/Punk?

    Logic would say Austin's not coming back to play second fiddle to anyone right? 

  6. There's also the idea of Cena taking on the Undertaker floating, which reminded me of TPrincess mentioning that Cena's jobbed in two consecutive Manias. If he goes against the streak, that'll make it three.

    Which makes me smile.

  7. Dude, how do you already have like 250 posts on this blog? It's been open for like 2 weeks!

  8. WM/Raw live threads =)

  9. Ugh.  Never liked Brock back in 2003.  Never bought him as a babyface when they turned him.  Don't want to see him in another WM main event when there are excellent wrestlers who are far more compelling in the ring and on the stick like Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, Miz (even Miz) Santino, Christian, Kofi, Zack etc.

    Brock's character is already played better by Mark Henry.  Brock hates everyone and beats people up for fun.  Henry's character hates everyone and beats them up for fun.  I see Henry vs. Brock as more of a dream match than Rock vs. Brock.

    I liked the Rock in 2000 and 2001.  His act was really stale by WM18.  That's part of why the fans booed him vs. Hogan.  That's why he turned heel when he came back for the WM19 buildup.  Him being a babyface for WM28 is ok because he's a nostalgia act, just like Hogan was in Toronto.  Put him in the main event a year from now and he'll get booed again.  Even worse, the buyrate won't be too great as his nostalgia act will wear thin.

  10. I'm sorry... Miz?... MIZ?!?!?!?!

    I've enjoyed Mark Henry the past year but in no way is he an upgrade on Brock F'N Lesnar. Brock's a freak, I'm hoping he gets back on the juice and looks as impressive as he did back in 03. The man has an undeniable presene in the ring, you can't take your eyes off him. There's a reason he became the #! draw in MMA. Being a wrestler wasn't the only thing. Not just any wrestler could've made that jump and drawn that many eyeballs. Brock may not have great mic skills, but he has charisma.

    As for Rock, I don't think we'll see it, but I'd kill for Hollywood Rock again. So many awesome memories: the concerts, taunting Goldberg and Austin, the feud with Hurricane, that promo he cut on Toronto, his mid-match antics (putting on Austin's vest slays me every time), tormenting Coach.

    And again, I'm sorry but Miz??? Really??? You enjoy watching a guy blatantly rip off the promo style/wardrobe/mannerisms of another wrestler that's still active and working alongside him? At least Scott Steiner waited a few years before ripping off Superstar Billy Graham. How did Miz look Jericho in the eye as he passed him in catering?

    God I hate Miz.

  11. Well, as a fan who only watches Mania (if that) out of the ppv calendar, I don't give a fuck if Rock and Brock are two part-timers. Put them in the Mania main, and I'll care again in a year. Of course, that's assuming Brock hasn't gotten burned out again by then and walked out.

  12. I'm all for discussing stuff but there are two enormous assumptions here...that Brock/Rock would even happen (even though it's been done before) and that WM 29 is Rock's last match. Brock, sure, that wouldn't surprise me, he doesn't really seem to love wrestling but why would we just assume WM 29 is Rock's last match?

  13. Well, to be fair, half of those posts concern not being in the target demographic, so, grain of salt.

    Knee surgery? Yikes. Injury incident, or long term/wear and tear issues?

  14. Not half but certainly quite a few, I never would have though so many adults would think a PG product should appeal to them, and then get mad when it doesn't. No one expects Disney movies to appeal to an adult sensibility.

    I tore my ACL playing basketball, which was fine, since I always sucked at basketball anyway.


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