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WWE: The Tribute Show To Itself

What's up Scott,
The other day I was watching a kind of boring WWF Wrestlefest 1988 show, and got me thinking of a gimmick Raw/SD show the WWE could do in this PG era that we are in now. Shows WWE have done in the past like the Raw Anniversary Show (i think), the Old School Show or the recent Blast from the Past Show was sort of cool. But how about a show where the current roster of WWE wrestlers, each pick a wrestler from the past, and just totally rip them off (down to the look, attire, ring music, mannerisms, moves, etc.). An obvious example could be Dolph Ziggler coming out as Mr. Perfect Curt Henning. Just imagine how awesome it would be, coming out with the classic entrance theme with the classic neon yellow singlet, towel and with BOBBY HEENAN managing him! Classic. Or you even can get wacky with the Great Khalil coming out as Giant Gonzales in the one piece suit (LOL) and beating a few jobbers (Zack Ryder, LOL) and some ring attendants, road agents and having the classic Undertaker coming out to make the save.
So my question(s) is: What roles would you have guys like Cena, Punk (Jake Roberts maybe), Santino, etc.. be? What classic wrestlers would you like to see wresters try to bring back that were awesome characters back in the day? (Demolition, Midnight Express, Brutus, Rude, Warrior, Hogan, Flair etc.) Or any angles in mind. I just thought it would be a fun topic for us all to try and figure some cool ideas (especially if it ever happened on TV, imagine Cena coming out as Dino Bravo or Hercules with the chain, LOL, maybe not)

Holy SHIT what a brilliant idea that would be.  They’re so far up their own ass these days that this sort of thing would totally appeal to them, as well.  That is an awesomely creative and original idea (ironic given that the whole gist is ripping off the past, but never mind that).

Ziggler as Mr. Perfect is a no-brainer, of course.  I could see Big Show as Big Bossman, maybe.  Somebody would have to take on Ultimate Warrior, of course…maybe HHH?   I can see him poking fun at himself and doing the mannerisms.  Punk as Jake Roberts is pretty inspired, although maybe a little too on-the-nose.  Ted Dibiase as his dad, naturally.  So many possibilities, and it would be a way to actually pay TRIBUTE to the legends without dragging them out there and humiliating them.  Plus you just know there’s tons of wrestling nerds backstage who would be dying to do Rude’s pre-match promo or drop an authentic Macho Man elbow for one night. 


  1. TheRealCitizenSnipsApril 30, 2012 at 2:06 PM

    Great Khali could be Giant Gonzalez. Heath Slater would make a great Taka Michinoku. David Otunga could be a rack of chips.

  2. The 1988 Wrestlefest show was actually the first WWF event I attended live. I seem to recall that the Hennig/Taylor match happened during the intermission! Anyway, I love the idea too. It could make for some great fan reactions.

  3. Tensei as King Kong Bundy. Funkasaurus as Bam Bam Bigelow. There's two.

  4. CM Punk as Roddy Piper.

  5. drop an authentic Macho Man elbow for one night.

    Yeah... someone needs to tell Punk his elbow while an admirable tribute is butt ugly.  Talk to HBK or Curt Hawkins, believe it or not.

  6. We already had that when the Nexus debuted. Daniel Bryan played the role of Benoit.

    ...might as well have gotten that out of the way since we all know someone else would have said something similar eventually

  7. And speaking of tributes, one thing I've been thinking about lately - and this is a perfect (pun intended?) place to bring it up - is how Stunning Steve Austin was so Mr. Perfect-like in his selling back in WCW.  It's uncanny how he seemlessly fits into that Perfect/Ziggler mold.

  8. I think he does it his way to favour his hip, which he injured a while ago and led to his commentating stint.

  9. It's not so much his form as it is his *lack* of form.  He just looks completely not in control of his body when he's in the air, flailing and not at all solid.  Contrast that with HBK, Savage, Text, Hawkins... all of their drop look incredibly solid.

  10. Vickie Guerrero as Sensational Sherri and Dolph Ziggler as Boy Toy era Shawn Michaels

  11. Dirty_Dave_DelaneyApril 30, 2012 at 3:25 PM

    This could also be an idea for Vince to bury other wrestlers from the past. Santino could be Bruno Sammartino, Michael McGillicutty could be Dean Douglas, Heath Slater could be Jeff Jarrett and Hornswoggle could be Tazz! 

  12. There's no way that Show would play Bossman, given what Bossman did to the coffin of his DEAD FATHER.

    I am sickened at the suggestion.

  13. Dirty_Dave_DelaneyApril 30, 2012 at 3:42 PM

    Another random thought... Booker T should so dress up as Koko B Ware only if they can train a parrot to say, "Oh ma goodness", "Lemme axe you sumthin Cole", and "Shucky ducky quack quack." Although this may mean the parrot ends up getting Booker's commentary gig! 

  14. Show would HAVE to be Andre. Come on, now. And Ziggler as Perfect is absolutely *ahem* perfect - props to the original e-mailer on that idea.

    A few others:

    Cena - Hogan
    Brodus - Bundy
    Christian - Edge
    Cody - Martel
    Tj Dibiase - Dibiase Sr.
    Kidd - Bret
    Bryan - Shawn
    Punk - Austin (complete with skull-cap)
    Sandow - Genius
    Young - Cena (would white-face be too controversial?)
    Otunga - Luger
    Usos - Samoans or Headshrinkers
    Miz - Piper
    Ryback - Goldberg
    Santino - Yokozuna, Giant Gonzalez, some other giant
    Sheamus - Trips
    Ryder - Taker (he'd want to be a huge star that he could "mark" for)

    I also think there's a chance to do some good comedy with this. For instance, say Swagger decides to imitate Lesnar, only for the real Lesnar to kick his ass. Or Jericho paying tribute to himself, like with one of his old "Lionheart" attires.

  15. To make it even more entertaining, for that one night they should do the 80's wellness policy, where the gorilla position is stocked with booze and coke.

  16. Triple H as Warrior in a WMXII reenactment would answer the age-old philosophical question, "Could Triple H Pedigree himself and then no-sell it?"

  17. Dirty_Dave_DelaneyApril 30, 2012 at 4:21 PM

    Or more realistically Ryder could be Ultimate Warrior as he played the Ultimate Broski at a few house shows during last summer which means they can both bury Warrior and Ryder at the same time! 

  18. Ryback as Goldberg... wait a minute that already happened!

  19. If only there were someone that could pull off a Jimmy Snuka tribute...

  20. Does he have any relatives in the WWE?

  21. Brodus = Slick
    Big Show = Hillbilly Jim
    Punk = Scotty Goldman
    Bryan = Steamboat, but with a heel promo talking about how much better he is than the real thing.
    Santino = Doink, possibly with Hornswoggle as Dink
    Ryder = Warrior
    Cody =  Rick Martel
    Drew McIntyre = Rick Rude
    Johnny Ace = Animal, and I guess Otunga would have to be Hawk
    Usos = Headshrinkers
    Epico & Primo = Los Guerreros
    Sheamus = HHH
    HHH = HBK
    HBK = Rockers HBK
    Cena = Hogan
    ADR = Million Dollar Man (fuck Ted Jr., he should be David Sammartno) with Ricardo as Virgil

  22. Are you kidding!?!? The Funkasaurus should be the African Dream, Akeem. Jive Soul Bro on the comeback tour!

  23. I guess Cena would doing the WrestleMania X rap.

  24. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel = the Killer Bees.

  25. which is weird itself because I was pretty sure that Andre had died a lot earlier than 1999.

  26. Surely it would have come up by now.

  27. I was there too. I'm not sure that was actually during the intermission, but you can imagine my surprise back in the PWI days of seeing the former AWA World Champion and the former UWF TV champion locking horns in a WWF ring.

  28. Santino & R-Truth (?) as the Bushwackers.

  29. Would anyone be able to tell the difference unless they were told Booker had been replaced by Frankie the 3rd?

  30. I don't know. I don't see Charlie making a comeback any time soon, and that seems like one of his lines.

  31. Dean Ambrose as Roddy Piper, Kassius Ohno as Cactus Jack

  32.  He is pretty much the 21st century equivalent, isn't he? I'm not sure who had the better entourage. The Funkettes are a big point in Brodus's favor, but Gang never hung out with a leprechaun to the best of my knowledge (maybe I missed that when he was in WCW).

  33. Lionel_L_LasciviousApril 30, 2012 at 9:53 PM

    Lord Tensai as Albert, but he'd have to grow the back hair out first.

  34. Ted Jr. did already play his dad. For like a year. It didn't go so well for him. Del Rio really fits that role better (especially with Ricardo, who I could see becoming a sympathetic face like Virgil one day). I was kind of disappointed that they didn't have him throw his money around more during his main event run last year. I was hoping he paid off Nash to powerbomb Punk at Summerslam, for instance.

  35.  How about:

    Orton as Jake Roberts, given he's a snake man and everything.
    Goldust as Dusty. He could probably do a good impression, if nothing else.
    Kane as the Undertaker, for old time's sake.
    David Otunga as Superstar Billy Graham (I always figured he'd be best served ripping off as much from Graham or Steiner as much as possible)
    Lord Tensai as Kwang (just leave that entrance mask on and he's pretty much there)
    Rey Mysterio as Battle Kat (Just put ears and whiskers on his usual mask)
    Sin Cara as Mil Mascaras (see if he can keep from botching walking on his toes!)
    And I think Punk doing an Austin impression could be fun, especially if they started building to that match everyone wants to see at Wrestlemania next year

  36. Must...Fight...Urge...Tasteless Benoit Joke....

  37. I pictured the Funkasaurus as JYD, especially after he danced with some kids in the ring on RAW, just like the Dog used to.

  38. Two words to go for the win:

    The Brodfather.


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