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Easter Eggs

Sure, Kurt Busiek might be posting here, but check out my contribution to Brian Cronin's Easter egg column.   Advantage:  ME.

Although I loved Untold Tales of Spiderman, so I guess it's still advantage to Kurt.  FOR NOW!


  1. One of my faves: in the Gifted story arc of Astonishing X-Men when the deformed mutants burst into the lab, one of the panels shows Rorschach fighting in the background.

  2. I saw that earlier and wondered if that was you. It's odd to see my blog destinations intersecting.

  3. Awesome to see you as well as this site branching out to the beyond. Someone needs to write Brian Cronin to let him know that it is The Scott Keith who has a Kurt Busiek recognized website and not just Joe Blow that sent in that contribution. 

  4. I also got one in there as well with an easter egg from an early Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada Daredevil comic, though I had to share it with some guy named Sean:

  5. But then there was also a column on there last year decrying your hatred, or at least indifference, to Grant Morrisons Batman run.  I thought it was odd they they would have a post about a post a wrestling blog writer wrote about comics but whatevs.

  6. Here's a link just in case anybody missed it
    and I guess the article itself wasnt so bad (written by Brad Curran) but then Brian Cronin drops in this comment (which is really out of the ordinary for him to be so rude and classless):
    "I finally read Keith’s piece.
    I can’t believe we seriously have a link up to one of the most idiotic pieces of “commentary” I’ve seen about comics. Maybe if it was a sort of “look at what this moron is saying!” type of deals…


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