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Hey Scott,


Many years ago you were kind enough to plug my Best of Japan tape series from my website, Golden Boy Tapes.  I'm just clearing out my basement, and put a ton of old wrestling magazines on eBay -  wondered if I might be able to ask you for a plug on the blog – some cool stuff there from both the Apter Mags as well as the official WWF ones.  Should have more stuff posted over the next few days – also lots of old video games. Happy to combine shipping charges if multiple auctions are won. Link is as follows:


Thanks for any help you can provide.


- Rob


  1. I dunno man. Eighty bucks seems a little pricey for a used gameboy game.

  2. Not being funny dude, but you are charging some ridiculous prices

  3. Well, an item is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.  I know my brother in law is looking for an NES copy of Snow Brothers and would gladly pay $100 for it (considering it's listed for upwards of $220 on eBay).

    Good luck to you in your shilling.

  4. You guys would be shocked, I got $600 for Snow Brothers a few months ago - some of these games command crazy high prices (especially since they have the box and manual) - all about supply and demand


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