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(Spoilers for final season, not including the series finale episode)
I know you (at least used to) watch House, and if you still do I was wondering what you thought of the show the last few years as well as the upcoming series finale next week. Personally, I stopped watching the show about a year or two back and came back this season once I found out they were finally calling it quits. I don't think the show got "bad" in the traditional sense, but damned if it didn't get formulaic and tedious after so many seasons. I really believe it was one of those examples of a show outstaying its welcome due to still-solid-but-nowhere-near-peak level ratings for the network.
I do, however, have a bit of a problem with this final plotline they are going out with, Wilson having cancer. I don't know if they were trying to mimic real life (typically when someone gets cancer, it just sort of happens, right?), but to me it reeked of desperate/burned out writers grasping for some random (and in this case, ironic) dramatic story to close out the show, almost as if they threw darts at a board to see who they will kill off and how. Or if they were going for intentionally ironic with Wilson, a cancer doctor, getting cancer, well, that just sucks.
I actually dropped the show about two episodes after the awesome nuthouse show, because that was such a perfect series finale and I couldn't bear to continue with the same formulaic crap after that.  Plus Foreteen were beyond infuriating as a TV viewer and I couldn't take it anymore.  I think the show's peak was clearly the Cutthroat Bitch two-parter and really I lost a lot of interest after that, too.  I'll probably watch the finale on Monday (?) just to see how they wrap it up, but I have no interest in going back and watching the other seasons or anything.  


  1. I didn't mind Fourteen, but I stopped watching when Cuddy left and all the pre-emptions.

    I actually hope they do an occasional 2 hour movie herre and there, but there was no other diseases left for House to cure.

  2. When cuddy and house broke up, I was done, that made so sad. I watched a bit this season, but it got old and I just didn't care. For me the series ended with cuddy kissing house in his bathroom and him realizing she was really the, and not taking those last Vicodin.,

  3. I checked out after the Season 7 opener, to be frank. The conclusion to Season 6 would've been a great way to send off the series, and once they started dabbling in the lame drama surrounding House and Cuddy, they lost me. Though I will admit, my interest had been waning to that point anyways.

    And I don't know why this happened, but my interest in the show was piqued once more when I heard about the Wilson cancer storyline. Though I must admit, it was not in the good way. Something really, REALLY bothers me about that storyline. Cancer strikes close to home for me personally, which may play a part. I don't know; I just don't like to think of that character suffering for some reason, and it kinda soured me on the whole thing.

  4. That season where House was going crazy, talking to the crazy bitch in the bathtub during um...what's his asses bachelor party...the same season where the Arab kid shot himself...

    At the end of that season he goes so nuts he has to be locked up in an institution.

    I was excited to see where that was going to go.

    And then in the first episode of the following season House was out of the institution by the first commercial break and right back to the same formula...

    Turned the channel and never looked back. Fuck that show. 

  5. Arab?

    It's fucking Kal Penn, he's Indian.

  6. I was pretty interested in the three new docs, Taub, Thirteen and Kutner. But then the show became too much about Olivia Wilde, which was soooo boring, that I lost interest.

  7. I have no idea who Kal Penn is, sorry.

  8. House is the one procedural new-case-every-week show I can actually stand and it's really all due to Hugh Laurie.  Without him, it's no different than all the CSIs, Law and Orders, and NCISs.  The characters never really developed or progressed.  Chase is still a coozehound, Foreman is still a not-quite-as-effective mini-House, Taub is still a timid little bitch, Wilson still gives in to House and his games, and House is still an asshole.  The entire show rested on Laurie's shoulders and he did a damn fine job carrying it this far.

  9. The last four episodes have been just amazing. I am pumped for the finale.

  10. I could never really get into this show. House being a dick was pretty funny at first, but it got old pretty quick. I suppose if I understood all the medical jargon I'd probably watch it more, but I don't, never liked ER for the same reason. I do like Jennifer Morrison though.

  11. I think the constant cast changes kept Law & Order (the original one) pretty fresh. I still watch the repeats on TNT all the time, with over 400 episodes there's still a whole bunch I haven't seen.

  12. Apparently in the season finale, it finally really *is* lupus.

  13. Aaaaand thread over.

  14. I never thought I would call 'House' too formulaic (since that's part of the major plot construct, adhering to the case formula and building all the drama and character development around it), but  I'm glad this is the last season b/c it almost lost me. The first 2 eps (esp. the first one in the prison) were such a refreshing break from the norm that going right back to it, esp. with cast members leaving left and right, the rest of the season just accomplished absolutely nothing. But I gotta admit, the last 4 eps or so, BECAUSE they've been off the cuff a bit and different, have been fabulous. I don't know how I feel about Wilson having cancer either, but I'm vested enough to watch the finale for what once was my absolute favorite show.

    I think that, unless he dies, House should get the leg amputated. That I think would should the finality of the character finally moving on, and it would justify Wilson dying if that's what they choose to do.

  15. You don't get out much, do you?

    And you've never heard of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle?

  16. It was a joke. You must be a riot to hang out with.

    I've heard of it. I didn't know he was in it. I didn't watch it. I try to keep my viewing above 5 on IMDB.

    How can I "not get out much" but also not be aware of the shitty media that "people that don't get out much" sit around watching?

    What other incredible cinematic achievements am I missing out on? What's Tara Reid been in lately? lol

  17. Sadly they blew that on a throwaway episode way back in the middle of season four. I too thought they should've saved a lupus diagnosis for the finale - that said, given the last few episodes, IF there's a big diagnosis for the POTW on Monday, it'll be an afterthought.

  18. I made it through the first couple of episodes of the season and gave up.  You're looking at someone who stuck with 24, The Office, and other shows past their sell by date, but House got just ridiculously boring.

  19. I don't get people complaining about House *becoming* too formulaic when it's the followed the same formula SINCE DAY 1.

    -opening features person you're supposed to believe is POTW. Turns out it's their friend/brother/mother/mailman

    -Cuddy (now Foreman) presents House with case, House not interested until Cuddy (now Foreman) mentions something interesting about the patient and their background

    -team comes up with initial diagnosis that proves to be wrong, then come up with another one that appears to be right- patient gets better

    -diagnosis turns out to be wrong- patient gets worse

    -House has his 'Eureka' moment and solves the case at the last minute, patient lives

    How does it take you 6 years to come up with the conclusion that the show is too formulaic?

    I've watched every episode and look forward to the finale. I accept its faults and admit if it wasn't for Hugh Laurie I probably would've lost interest. But c'mon, that's like saying you wouldn't have loved wrestling in the 80s without Hulk Hogan.

  20. wasn't the nuthouse one the season premiere (and not the 'series finale'?)

    but yes, the foreman/13 romance didn't take, and the house/cuddy romance didn't quite work either.

  21. Speaking of H&K, there was a cute joke in the new movie about "working for the white house, which no one would believe." I do wish they had come up with a better way to write Kutner off the show though.

  22. Don't get out much was for the lolfunny racism.  4chan called, it wants it's bit back.

  23. Seriously, transfer...quit, anything.  I didn't watch House for the very special episodes.

  24. Silly me, I assume it was in reference to the sentence where you acted like not knowing who Harold and Kumar were was somehow an indicator of one's cultural exposure.

    You're dad called...he's quite enjoying his new family!

  25. There's an and in there.  Indicating two distinct thoughts.  I would make fun of your reading comprehension but I assume you're either drunk or hungover.

  26. Lol. Aww...I'm surprised you want to do this again after how embarrassing it was for you last time.

    Remember? When I was able to tell JUST BY THE WAY YOU WRITE that you were an abandoned little boy, the youngest in your family, had to turn to your brother to look up to because Dad ran the fuck away.

    I remember that series of posts. That was FUN! Lmao

    Here let me try to match your super clever joke. Here goes...

    Your dad called...he's quite enjoying his new family!


  27. Several things.  One, my mom divorced my dad.  Two, he wanted to get custody of me and my brother but he couldn't.  Three, he never remarried.  Four, none of my parents drink, but several of my close relatives and friends have/had alcoholic parents, I don't like heavy drinkers.

    Kal Penn also worked for the white house, so...yeah, I'm surprised people don't know who he is.  I mean, I've never seen Harold and Kumar go to anything, but I still know who they are.

    Of course, maybe you have seen it, but the alcohol poisoning has just killed your brain cells.

    Tell me, do you drink because your job sucks?  Your kids are a disappointment?  Or is your wife so ugly that the only way you could ever fuck her is with beer goggles?

  28. Lol. I guessed all of that stuff already remember? I don't need you to confirm things about yourself that I already inferred from our last conversation. Not a drunk huh? I guess I'm 3/4 now, I'm comfortable with that average.

    Our last conversation started with you being irrationally jealous of my kids for having a dad that spends time with them and now you've changed your story to reflect how much your dad REALLY SERIOUSLY TOTALLY wanted you? Well that's certainly a convenient twist!

    In fact, in our last conversation you literally said "My dad was a disappointment". That's a direct quote from the WM thread where you went crazy with jealousy.

    Stop trying to get one over, you can't, I've shown several times now that you're an open book to me.

  29. Well, Harold and Kumar got a 7.1 on IMDB, so I guess you can stop pretending to not know anything about it to try and be cool, or smart, or whatever it is you're attempting to pretend to be.

  30. Not knowing who Kal Penn is FUCKING RULES.


    I like your commitment to such a retarded premise.

  31. Irrationally jealous?  How is jealousy of your awesomeness irrational?  I get shitfaced and watch wrestling while having your children's role model be a jacked up maniac who beats up middle managers.  That's the best parenting EVER!!!

    Oh, and my dad did want custody of me and my brother.  I still saw him every other weekend, and every other weekend he was disappointing.  Are you completely ignorant of how most divorce's work? 

    I'm really struggling to come up how you got disappeared dad out of disappointment with parent.  Plenty of parents that live with their children suck.  I mean...look at you!

  32. Huh. And you're back to insisting I get shitfaced based on...what exactly? I'm going to go ahead and assume that's another case of you projecting since there's no evidence that I actually participate in that kind of behavior.

    Your jealousy is irrational because it's directed at a five year old. We've been through this before, many many times. You're clearly insanely jealous of people that have relationships with their fathers. I mean, look at every single post you ever make to me. Clearly I represent something to you that makes you very angry.

    Yes. I am ignorant how most divorces work. My parents stuck together, after all. Hey, maybe that's another thing you see in me that drives you to such rage. Not everyone comes from a completely wrecked home life like yourself, some women are actually able to pick a decent man, shame your mother couldn't, lol.

    I look forward to you responding with some invented gibberish about how parenting works.

    You never did answer the question, how old are you anyway?

    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess under 22 with no college.

  33. Let's break this down, alright?

    I assume you get shitfaced often because you make mention about being six beers in about every PPV.

    You have said that you like John Cena because he is a role model to your children.  Please tell me what positive traits John Cena embodies?  What makes him this great role model?

    I'm clearly insanely jealous?  Lol wut?  I had a relationship with my father for a majority of my early life.  He was disappointing because we just couldn't talk to each other outside a small handful of topics.  He didn't "get me" and my interests.  Your imagination is really overactive.  I say disappointment and this is your first thought?  And my parents separated when I was six months old, all my friends had divorced parents too.  What am I supposed to be jealous of?  A status of parents that I never knew?

    And I'm never going to deny that my family has pretty terrible taste in partners down the line.

    Completely wrecked home life?  You're hilarious.  My parents were divorced, not abusive.  Were are you from?  Alabama?  I grew up in the suburbs of a college down in California.  My parents weren't in jail, addicted to drugs, or unemployed at any time in my life.  I never knew hunger or pain or fear at my house.  I had a pretty damn good childhood.

    Y'know, I almost think that you're looking for any hole in my life to make your own shitty existence look better.  You're clearly reaching here.  Why don't you go back to your dumb kids and fat wife and tell them how you're feuding on the internet by a guy half your age.

  34. Break it down? Let's!

    1) Six beers is shit faced? Again, how old are you? I drank for WrestleMania with a room full of people, it was fun. You must be super fun to hang out with.

    2) He's as much a role model as wrestling is going to provide. If my kids are going to enjoy parts of wrestling I'd rather it be John Cena than Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels. Although even now they're sort of bored with Cena, they're totally into all the characters you'd expect like Santino/Funk/Swoggle.

    3) Yes, clearly. This whole thing started with you insisting that because I liked my kids watching a guy once or twice a month that I somehow couldn't also be a role model to them. I see now that it's purely because you have no experience looking up to anyone but an equal like your brother. Kids can separate it if they're exposed to it. Cena to them is a TV character no different than anyone else, I'm still the real life hero that can make fire at a campsite. "Jealous of a status of parents that I never knew?" Yes, that's exactly my argument actually.

    4) Completely wrecked is an exaggeration.

    5) I don't think of this as a feud. We can usually keep it civil and most of the time you have a good take on shit that I like reading. We just always get dragged into this because both of us *really* like being douchebags to each other for some reason. Let's just not do that maybe? I don't know. Ignore each others posts? I'll read the blog on Monday, Wednesday, get it T'days and the weekend? lol

    I hate that stupid episode where KAL PENN kills himself even more now, yeesh.


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