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Memorial Day

Memorial Day means something in our universe, but in the comic book one, it doesn’t mean a whole lot. As everyone knows, death in comics is temporary.  How many thought Batman was staying dead several years ago? How many thought Steve Rogers was gone for good? I can remember in the early 90’s when I didn’t even read DC comics that I felt something when Superman died.
Maybe it was because I was so young or just hadn’t seen enough characters resurrected, but I felt Superman was really going and that he was to be replaced by one of the four characters brought in to take over his comics. Even my cousin, who never cared about comics, bought an issue and wore the black arm patch that came with it. People don’t do this kind of stuff unless it is for real. Funny enough, years later after Superman had come back I was talking to my Grandma and mentioned Superman. She replied, “He’s dead now isn’t he?” Yeah, the news of his death reached even her, but they never told her that he had come back. Death is more or less a plot point now. Whether it’s to show that there is real danger in this universe or to build up an origin story is up to the writer, but it happens and happens again as characters are brought back and put back into the ground.  The Wayne’s will likely stay dead, as well as Uncle Ben, but then Jason Todd and Bucky came back so who knows what we can expect. Here is a list of characters that have died and I can’t believe aren’t back yet. This list is not necessarily my wish list for returns, just a short list of…

I can’t believe they are still dead.

Jean Grey,
(Flamed out in: New X-Men #150)
Seriously she is still dead from where Magneto disguised as Xorn killed her in battle. Of Couse they have since said it was not Magneto , but an imposter (whatever) but she still remains dead. She is one of my favorite characters and even though they have teased her return, they have yet to do it. With the Phoenix power they have a way out, they can just say that her power lets her die and be reborn, but still she remains in a pine box. She will return someday, but the Marvel Universe is one year away from ten years without her, I’m impressed.

Gwen Stacy
(Took a dive in: Amazing Spider-Man # 12)
I honestly don’t think they should ever bring the real Gwen back from the dead. Marvel is always up for breaking rules if it makes for an interesting concept, and no one has yet to bring her back for anything other than clone nonsense. Speaking of which…

Ben Reilly
(Bit the dust in: Spider-Man #75)
 I like Ben as a character and always thought he had potential. But, the clone debacle kind of killed his stock. Now Kaine is the Scarlet Spider and as much as I like that comic, I always wish it was Ben under the mask.  He did a good job as Spider-Man in his brief tenure and deserved a lot better than to turn to dust after the Goblin ran him through with his glider.

Tommy Monaghan (Hitman)
(Took one for the team in: Hitman #60)
What a great character Tommy was. I get that he was created by Garth Ennis and without him the character would not be a tenth of what he should be. Still, this character should have more stories. Though I will say, I do love the end of the series and how he went out.
 Morpheus (Dream)
(Went to sleep in The Sandman #69)
Just like Hitman, this character should not exist without Gaiman writing him. His death was great as he gave himself up to the Furies who had had been stalking him and killing his friends for months. I also heard that Gaiman has it in a clause that he is the only one that can write these characters, but it’s still a huge loss to not have any more adventures for Morpheus to go on.

The Wasp
(Put out of misery in Secret Invasion)
Janet is a founding member of The Avengers and one of the greatest characters to ever have been on the roster.  She has only been dead since 2008, but it’s been too long as far as I’m concerned. Janet never gets the credit that the heavier hitters on the team receive, which is a shame because she is every bit as interesting as them.

 Duela Dent 
(Split during: Countdown)
The multiple personality filled daughter of Two-Face, Joker, Penguin and whoever else she claimed to be that week was a favorite of mine. She was complicated and strange and when it was revealed she was the Daughter of the Jokester (hero joker of Earth-3 that fought the Crime Syndicate) then I liked her even more. Who knows, with the New 52 reboot she may be back and we just have not seen her yet.
Last I have to give an honorable mention to the most shocking death for me.  Alexandra Dewitt was Kyle Rayners girlfriend at the time he first became Green Lantern. She was a hot blonde photographer that I never gave two thoughts to until Kyle finds her stuffed in his refrigerator. This death was so violent and unexpected I could not stop thinking about it for several days. This character was a standard female love interest in a superhero comic that as a reader I never felt was even important enough to pay attention to, then in one creepy panel of Green Lantern #48 I felt as if something sinister had entered the safety of my comic world. It’s too bad this murder was committed by C-list villain Major Force, because it could have elevated a halfway decent villain to Joker status. The death was so controversial that comic writer Gail Simone even made a list of female comic characters that have been abused and murdered through time. Go here to check it out as well as the creepy panel that haunted me for days.

On a personal note, I am in the process of moving to a different state and finding some new work. So this post will pretty much be whenever I get to it. Once I get back into a routine in my life, I plan on being much more on time with this as it is a lot of fun to write. I hope those who read me on a regular basis can bear with me for a little while and thanks as always for the support.

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  2. Whatever let's ayou sleep atanight fuckanut

  3. Look at me! I'm drunk on the Internet!

  4. Is Cyclops still dead? That's when I quite reading comics. I miss the Savage Dragon. Is Erik Larsen still making comics?

  5. He's alive now. I think Erik Larsen is still doing stuff, haven't read him in years.

  6. I think your trying to help me with something Ryan but i am not getting what it is. As soon as your fingers heal or whatever is going on with you i would love to know what it is.

  7. If you're familiar with the Ben Reilly stuff, I highly suggest googling "Life of Reilly." It's a 30-something part post that reveals what was going on behind the scenes at Marvel at the time. Tons of interviews with creators and editors from that time. I was one of the few who didn't hate Reilly, so I really enjoyed it. I actually ended up reading the whole thing in one day, it was that addicting.

    And Amazing Spider-Man 400 came out of that run, still in my opinion one of the greatest Spidey stories ever told.

  8.  Savage Dragon is still going. Larsen's also writing and drawing Supreme, Rob Liefeld's Superman "homage" character.

  9.  I think Ryan T has Asperger's.

  10. I liked Ben Riley as well, but Kaine as the new Scarlett Spider kicks all kinds of ass right now.


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