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Original Wrestlemania & WWE Music Mix

If you're wrestling history buff scour YouTube you can find original Wrestlemania downloads up. The super old school broadcast.

In hindsight it's pretty rough as Lord Alfred Hayes looked really uncomfortable in his role as a...whatever the hell they used him for. I love how everyone called Gorilla Monsoon "Gino" as well since that was probably what they all called him off air.

If you've never seen the original, full-of-kinks broadcast it's worth the two hours to see WWF in its mega-event infacy.

Now for the important stuff, it time for the Princess to prove that she runs the Castle.

As loving as my family is we're equally competitive and somehow the heir to the throne has convinced himself that he can beat my time this year in one of the triathlons we are competing in. Silly youth.

And naturally Mr. Princess wants in as well (and will quickly get left as he can't swim as well and swimming 9/10th of a mile in open water is very tough).

Anyway I wanted to do some different music for my training. I wanted to do about 90 minutes of WWF entrance music. I have a few that I want on there like "The Game" and "I Walk Alone" and "Metalingus" and of course the Ultimate Warrior theme. But otherwise I'm open and looking for suggestions. Help me!


  1. Trying to think outside the box rather than the usual cliched ones.

    Zack Gowen's wwe theme works really well for me when I go running, gets the adrenaline pumping!  Though I can understand why people would think it sucks balls! (Seether -  Out Of My Way) 

    The Armeggeddon PPV theme is damn good when you're struggling and want to be pushed over the line.. so to speak.

    Austins Disturbed theme from 2000-2001 is pretty epic. 

    I also listen to the Dudleys 'Were Comin Down' theme from 2001 which I've always felt was an awesome overlooked theme which you can really bop your head too.

    Lita's theme from 2000 when she joined the Hardy's has a really cool rift... the one after that with lyrics is pretty swell as well. 

    Get ready to Fly theme for AJ Styles is another I like.. though that is TNA *yuck*.

    Demolition theme is a must!

  2. Its not original WWE music, but I'd definitely include :

    Eye of the Tiger (used by Hulk Hogan)
    Sirius - (used by Rick Steamboat)

    Other original compositions might include :

    Stand Back
    Real American

  3. Mr Perfect
    Ted DiBiase
    Jake Roberts "Trust Me"
    Midnight Express "The Chase"
    Cactus Jack "Mr Bang Bang"
    Doink (Heel theme)
    The Beverly Brothers
    Rick Martel's "Model" theme
    Rick Rude's WWF & 1st WCW theme
    Both of Sid's WWF Themes (91-92 and 96-97)
    Crush (93 Babyface theme)
    Repo Man
    Batista's original theme
    Brutus Beefcake
    Vader's first WCW Theme "Heavenly Thunder"
    Jushin Liger
    Mistuharu Misawa "Spartan X"
    Kenta Kobashi "Grand Sword"

    ....should keep you going for a while. I would have included YouTube links, but it's late & Ineed to go to bed. Hope this helps

  4. sids wcw theme
    mx theme
    hollywood blondes
    stings 2nd theme

  5. For some reason Ive always loved Test's theme. Although it could get repititive.
    Have to agree with others, Austin's Disturbed Theme is pretty awesome
    Also the Dudley's theme they had for a while with the Powerman 5000 song is pretty intense, but some aren't fans

  6. I quite like the WWE production themes they use for their video packages, these are my favs:

    "Collision Course"
    "Emergency Beat"

  7. Oh my gosh you have to use "A Man Called Sting" and Lex Luger's original WCW music!

    I also really love Psychosis' theme song and Kidman's.

  8.  The Steiner Brothers WWF theme.

  9. I always disliked watching the first WrestleMania up until a few years ago when I got my hands on a basically complete copy of it.  It's infinitely more fun with all of the little production mistakes, Hulk and Mr. T coming out to Eye of the Tiger, etc.  I actually really enjoy watching it now, you can really tell that Gorilla Monsoon and Jessie are both kind of in awe of the whole spectacle.

    For those who don't want to watch the whole show, but want to see all the little bits cut/dubbed out of the VHS/DVD, I made a little highlights video sometime ago:

  10. I too loved Rude's first proper WCW theme, which was sort of sounded like an instrumental of Janet Jackson's "Black Cat".  I thought that "Simply Ravashing" was so-so at best.  Sid's first WWF theme is great too.

  11. Since we're not talking about the BEST entrance themes...and only those that would be a perfect mix for a triathalon..... Go for 1) HHH's "Bow down to the King" Theme/Remix by Motorhead, 2) Evolution's "Line in the Sand" by Motorhead, 3) Jericho's "King of My World"....I think it's by Saliva, 4) Christian's ORIGINAL FULL VERSION of Waterproof Blond's "Just Close your Eyes" all of the classics!

  12. I love the music selections too. First Wrestlemania show theme music was "Easy Lover" by Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey and the closing broadcast music was "Axel F" by Harold Faltmeyer.

  13. 1. Babyface Crush
    2. Rockers
    3. Ultimate Warrior
    4. Paul London
    5. Evan Bourne's first song
    6. Trent Barretta
    7. Nexus
    8. Daniel Bryan for the victory lap.

    That should get you through the headiest portion of a triathlon, as they're all pretty fast paced, pumping tracks. Or you could do what some people above are saying, and listen to the Evil Doink and Beverly Brothers themes, and lull yourself into a blissful slumber and drown. 

  14. What better music to train for an Olympic-style event than Kurt Angle's entrance music, "Medal"?

  15. No mention of Billy and Chucks Theme!? "You look so good to me..."

    On a serious note, Tazz's WWF theme was decent.

  16. Our Lady Peace, "Whatever" (provided you're comfortable listening to murder music... I suppose now it could function like a slasher villain theme)

    Breaking Point (I think they were called?), "One of a Kind." Might be because I watched so little ECW as it was happening, but I always preferred this to "Walk."As others have said, you'd need "Real American" on there. There's multiple versions of "Sexy Boy" to choose from, Austin's Disturbed song kicks some major ass... and if it were me, I couldn't make a CD without "Sexual Chocolate" and "Ass Man."

  17. Wow, great suggestion!

  18. "We're not da Mounties.."

  19. wylliam soliwodaMay 2, 2012 at 9:35 PM

    Would you include the Raw themes? like Saliva's "...To Be Loved" and Union Underground's "Across the Nation". My other suggestions are Run DMC's "The Kings", "My Time", RVD's Theme (before "One of a Kind"), the Hardyz Theme (but I think that's was not a WWF original), Brock Lesnar's "Next Big Thing", Orton's "Burn In My Light", the BWO theme, the APA theme, the original Hart Foundation theme, the Brood's theme (for your warm-up), "You Think You Know Me"

  20.  This is why I LOVE my DVD rips of the Wrestlemania: The Legacy box set. All of the original music is intact and the matches are complete. Including the stuff cut from the Coliseum two hour releases. All those tapes were missing were the production errors.

  21. Fun topic, here are a few of my faves:

    Wrestlemania theme 1990-1992, still my favorite wrestlemania theme to this day
    Summerslam theme from the same time period, suitably epic
    John Morrison's theme, I don't remember exactly what it's called, but it's fairly interesting to me.
    Thorn in My Eye/We're All Together Now, Raw is War Theme from the late 90s/early 00's.  By FAR my favorite Raw theme.

  22. Lance Storm's WCW music, D'lo Brown "Danger at the Door, Ernest Millar "I'm the Greatest"

  23.  Yeah, I especially love Axel F, what could be more mid 1980s?

  24. Also Muta's themes -- I don't know if his best WCW theme (Luminous Forces) would make good training music, but Praise Bloom and Concerto might fit the bill.

  25. Not sure if I missed someone mention it or not, but Motorhead's Evolution theme makes ya wanna kick some butt.

    Other suggestions:  Mark Henry's current theme, any The Rock theme, Bow Down to the King by Motorhead, the Waterproof Blonde version of Christian's theme song, CM Punk's old theme, the 4 Horsemen theme (either one from the mid to late 90s), and if you can block the wrestler out, Chris Benoit's theme.

  26. "I'll be your hero" - Lex Express
    "I know you want me" - Sunny
    "Cult Of Personaility" - CM Punk
    "The End" - Armageddon Theme
    "My Way" - WM17 theme
    "King Of My World" - Chris Jericho's theme (for about 1 month)

  27. Listen to this on a continuous loop and you will flat out dominate the competition like Dan dominated Gracie... wait....

  28. HHHs King of Kings theme
    The Rock 2003 evil Hollywood theme (hell any Rock theme really)
    Dunno if it's too close to Benoit or it bothers you but the Radicalz theme and Benoits original WWF theme
    Ministry theme (the one Midian used)
    Undertaker, mid 1998 theme that's on WWF the music 3
    Austins second theme (96-98)
    Daniel Bryan current
    Austins alliance theme

  29. SasukespecialmanMay 3, 2012 at 2:41 AM

    I have to throw in my vote for Ted Dibiase's theme. It's the perfection balance of positive motivation (MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! MONEEEEEEEY!) and aggressive motivation (everyone has a price, eh? Well, for the next 5 minutes, this guy in front of me is Ted Dibiase!). Oh, and the Kona Krush theme. 20 years later it is still fun to sneak up behind unsuspecting siblings and put the head crush on them while singing that song out loud...

  30. I've got a decent collection. What's your e-mail? I could send you a couple.

  31.  Wasn't that Evolution theme kinda slow paced though?

  32. Other than the part where you're chanting You Suck while running.

  33. Yup, but the guitar solo at the end REALLY picks things up and is killer to train to.

  34. These are all great. The ppv themes are also usually pretty good running songs such as "Broken" by 12 Stones from Judgment day 02 and "Rip it Up" by Jet from Summerslam 2010

  35. Some of my favorites are from the Anthology CD: Brock Lesnar "Next Big Thing", Undertaker "Dead Man", Eric Bischoff "I'm Back", Undertaker "You're Gonna Pay" most of the 3rd disc of the set really.

  36. I know there's a lot of anti-Miz sentiment on here, but his theme always gets me pumped up to do something.

    For Mr. P & the heir, I'd recommend Regal's "Real Man" theme.

  37. I really need to get some of these... 

    As far as themes on my iPhone, I have Real American (an absolutely killer pump you up song), Eye of the Tiger, Cult of Personality and Whatever (I've always been a huge Our Lady Peace fan, so I've never really associated the song with Benoit). 

    First chance I get, I'm downloading Jive Soul Bro.

  38. Haha. 

    Both great choices. I wouldn't mind starting my 40-mile bike hearing "AWESOME!"

  39. FWIW Mr. Princess strictly trains to DMX. He's somehow managed to find every song that nut has been associated with and groups them in different mixes.

    Not sure what the kid is rolling with. He's into a 70s & 80s R&B kick these days but I could hear Iron Maiden coming out of his headphones last night. 

  40. Hart Foundation/Hitman theme all the way. DA-NA-NA-NA-NA.

  41. A lot of people have already mentioned Stone Cold's Disturbed theme, but I also think his heel Alliance theme would be kick-ass music to work out to:

  42. I have used Lance Storm's ECW theme as running music for years. El Phantasmo and the Chicken Run Blast-o-Rama,

  43. Since John Petuka mentioned Waterproof Blonde, I would recommend Sean O'Haire's 2003 theme.
    Chuck Palumbo's 2007 theme is a good pick that hasn't been mentioned so far.

  44. Bischoff's theme is, in my opinion, the second best theme anyone's ever had.

    And they gave it to Bischoff.


  45. I've been trying to download the original, unedited Manias, but I'm struggling to find them. Very jealous of this comment!

  46.  They're still commercial releases so they're not entirely unedited, but they're about as close as you can get. Watch on Ebay too, they show up there occasionally.

  47.  I was lucky enough to find copies of Survivor Series 87-91, Rumble 88/89 and Wrestlemania 1 & 2 from the closed circuit/ppv feeds. So cool to watch them like that, with the original preshow and intermissions included. Just like I remember watching them back in the day. Also lucky to find War to Settle the Score original broadcast. To be honest, the collection of shit I got on DVD is amazing. Wish torrents didn't take so long to seed, as I'm currently uploading the entire Coliseum Home Video collection on DVD on a certain website. Going to take about a year to post all 100+ DVDs.

  48.  I'm pretty sure the Hardy Boy theme is public domain. They use it as the background music on Cupcake Wars every week. Yes, I'm a cooking show fanatic and watch every cooking show I can find, US, NZ, Aus, UK, etc.

  49. Wow...that's so cool. I have most of the Coliseum stuff but am certainly missing a lot of videos.


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