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Punk/Bryan article

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From: "Ioan Morris"

Hey Scott,

Here's an excellent article from tracing Bryan and Punk's shared history. Joey Styles and his crew are doing a great job with the website.

Might be worth sharing on the Blog

Regards, Ioan


Sure, always happy to help out struggling little sites.


  1. Well, you could read this article. OR: you could go to and watch a 30-minute match between the two for free. Or both, I guess.

  2. Actually, due to volume, they are going to keep it up all weekend and put it on YouTube.  There was such a demand, it was slow for a number of users.  Saw they tweeted this and put it on their facebook page as well.  Good news.

  3. Oh please. Neither Bryan nor Punk know how to work. Not like my boy Lord Tensai!

    I can't wait till the Lord takes over RAW. Then it'll be all Tensai, all the time!

  4. I gave on around 2000 but that was a great article. Not anything that would make me go back to the website like i used to but it was good.

  5.  Awesome. I tried to play it at like the stroke of 8:01 and it wouldn't play, so I thought I missed out.

  6. Imagine if they gave this sort of background on the show, and not just for Punk and Bryan. Jeebus, people might get OVER!

  7. You mean we can't do both?  Bummer.

  8. A great idea on their behalf. I don't know if you read the article, but it has a gallery of photos from the RoH match - an unusual, but welcome willingness to acknowledge the existence of other promotions.

  9. My thoughts exactly. I can't imagine Vince knows - or cares - what articles get put up on the website, but it's a shame that such a well-researched, logical extension to a feud will get all but ignored. Styles et al, bless them, try to give context to the most ridiculous of WWE storylines.


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