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Punk/Bryan Preview Plug
Just doing my part to get people excited for the PPV. If this does a huge buyrate, it'll probably be credited to Cena/Laurinaitis, but here's hoping the ROH boys can benefit from the halo effect!

Yeah, it's doing the furthest thing from a huge buyrate.  


  1. this whole column is just a bunch of random words picked out of context from a thesaurus isn't it.

  2. I'd go so far as to say that this PPV will do one of the lowest buyrates of the year. Not because of Punk/Bryan, but because of everything surrounding it. You can't do "one match" PPVs these days, especially banking on the hardcores to suddenly cough up $50 so they can sit through a bunch of thrown together garbage to get to the one big match they want to see... and then have John Cena/Johnny Ace main event the shindig to really rub in how bad the show they've just bought really is.

    If they REALLY wanted to give Punk/Bryan a shot to shine, they'd have done their match during one of Brock's contractually obligated PPVs. As it is now, they're simply giving them enough rope to hang themselves with.

  3. All this negativity is going to make me cry. 

  4. accumulation from years of reading and owning word-a-day calendars, but you were close. This means you've read my previous works, so I think I like you.

  5. Well at least there won't be any hockey or basketball on that night. 


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