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Rock as Champ

So you mentioned that Rock is more than likely coming back to take the belt at mania. That had occured to me. What hadnt until I read that was how he would lose it. Or to who. Am I the only one who sees Cena getting his win back after Mania against the Rock for the belt? Seems pretty obvious/boring. What say you?
Also I can't figure out how to sign up to comment on the new blog. Any help?

Given plans change daily I don't think anyone's even given to thought to what they would want to do with the belt if/when Rock wins it.  My vote would be a tournament, as noted, but then I'm a mark for tournaments in general and I don't particularly think the title has much value left to hurt anyway.  Cena-Rock II seems like too big of a match for Extreme Rematches, plus then you're changing the title not once, not twice, but THRICE in the first four months of the year and that's exactly the sort of thing people who value the title always bitch about anyway.  

And signing up to comment is actually very easy.  You just click the reply button on someone's comment and you have a choice of using a Disqus account, Facebook, Twitter, OpenID or a couple of other ones.  If you've got any of those, you're good to go.  I'd personally recommend going to and signing up for an account there, because that way if you visit any blog that uses the system you're universally logged in and it keeps track of all your posts for you.  Plus someone might randomly tag Kurt Busiek and he could show up and blow everyone's mind with awesomeness.  


  1. If Brock/Cena is big enough for Extreme Rules, then so is Rock/Cena 2. I'd be shocked if Rock isn't number 30 at the Rumble and wins it. And even though it would be train wreck, Brock/Rock/Cena at WM29 would be insane.

  2. They didn't use Flair's retirement to make anyone new.

    They didn't use HBK's either.

    Likewise Edge.

    Nash & Lesnar (so far) have passed through without any positive interaction with a new wrestler.

    HHH and Undertaker haven't put anyone new over in ages (Hardy for Hunter I believe. Not sure with Taker. Kahli? Kozlov?)

    If they want their new stars to look like a big deal they've got to start having them putting the previous generation out to pasture.

    With that in mind my ideal solution would be Punk taking the belt back from a heel Rock (a man can dream about seeing a heel Rock again can't he)

    A more likely scenario if they were trying to make someone would be Sheamus getting the big win

    But the mostlikely thing would be face Cena getting his win back.  Which sounds utterly tedious

  3. I honestly can't see Rock getting in the ring with Brock.

    Rock isn't walking off a movie set to deal with the kind of stiff shots we saw Lesnar dishing out to Cena

  4. Rock and Brock are very good friends so I doubt Brock will be stiffing the hell out of him. Especially if Rock tells him to take it easy. 

  5. Granted we wouldn't see the carange of the Cena match (still astonished Cena went with that.  Through all the controversy about the finish I don't think it's been mentioned enough just how much of a beating he took).

    But Lesnar's appeal is in his 'legitimacy' and I think we're all expecting a certain type of offense out of him in every match from here on out.

    I just can't see Rock going with that, being on friendly terms with Brock or not.

  6. Totally. And it's not like Rock's a total pussy or something just because he's a movie star now. He's part-Samoan and those guys are all bad-asses!

  7.  If titles are basically meaningless, why is it necessary for Brock to win it?

  8. The Love-Matic Grandpa!May 28, 2012 at 1:48 PM

    I think WWE believes their Machine is utterly infallible, so they can ride the Cena/Rock/Brock/HHH/Undertaker gravy train for as long as they want. Then, when it's time to "make" someone, they can just plug a random wrestler into the apparatus and BAM! Instant money-drawing star ready for exploitation. Trouble is, the Machine is decrepit and in need of repairs, but no one in power seems to realize this yet.

    Let's look at some recent examples:

    Orton - Megaover with the live crowds, but such a lousy draw that WWE had to pull the plug on SmackDown! house shows and created "Supershows" just to keep the SD! roster from fading into obscurity. 

    Sheamus - Was on his way to getting to the "megaover" category with simple "rasslin-style'" booking (big guy who kicks a lot of ass? Yes, please) before WWE decided to make him Cena II, complete with nonsensical promos and endless inane grinning. The attempt to give him a Sammartino (or Diesel) moment at WM backfired, leaving him with same crowd reaction problem that has plagued Cena Prime for most of his run. Essentially Orton's replacement on SD!, and not faring much better than he did in the role.

    Punk: Another megaover (in some arenas) guy who can't seem to jump the "money-drawing" hurdle. Briefly a top merchandise-seller, but his segments are ratings death and WWE seemingly has no faith in him headlining even a B-show. Has good to great matches most times out which are routinely ignored and underpromoted, and has essentially become the latest "mdicard World champion".

    Miz: Former World champion and WM headliner who is barely holding his own in the lower midcard and could be released any day now. What more needs to be said?

  9. Miz is not a Former World champion (unless you're counting the tag straps, in which case Primo is also a Former World champion)

    And surely you left somebody off of that list?  Yes?  Yes?  Yes?

  10. To legitimize it.

  11. The WM29 main event will likely be Brock-Undertaker and Cena-Rock for
    the WWE Title, with Cena getting his win over The Rock. I can't see them
    having Rock/Brock face each other. 

  12. It's just THRICE in perpetuity, basically.

  13. ???

    Unless you're being *quite* particular on the semantics, or were in a coma between November 2010 and April 2011...I don't get it.

  14.  the WWE tittle was called the WWF/WWE world heavyweight championship until 2002. they are both "world tittles"

  15. The Love-Matic Grampa!December 13, 2013 at 6:54 PM

    As it turns out, no.


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