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This week with Caliber...

This week with Caliber, now presented to you in left-alignment!

Last week, I talked about my favorite memories as a kid, and this week I thought I'd go with live events. In some cases, the holy grail of being a wrestling fan.

I always like to hear about people's experiences from wrestling events, so if any of you guys have any worth while stories, do share.

The first live show I went to was a Raw, and I was damn excited. Of course, my dad got some terrible seats, and I was almost at the top of the Key Arena in Seattle. This was of course during the time when Raw was recorded for 4 weeks. Man, was that terrible. Because I had no idea just what the hell what was going on. Who was this guy in blue that came out to kick Ahmed Johnson? Oh yeah, that's right, I was there for the debut of Farooq. Good things come to the good. Also, the music for the Bulldog was louder than almost anything I'd ever heard before in my life.

The biggest bummer was the fact that I looked forward to Monday Night Raw like nothing else, and now I knew what was going to happen for a month. Well, almost a month, even as an 11 year old die hard wrestling fan, more than 4 hours of wrestling, crappy wrestling, was more than I could take.

There was an upside though. See, this was 1995, or 1996. Oddly enough I can't remember. Anyways, at the time, wrestling was at an all time low. No one at school I knew watched it, and it was like I had leprosy. But when I went to Raw, it was like I landed on the Island of Misfit Toys. Everyone here was like me. We all loved wrestling. Seeing people in wrestling shirts blew my mind. It was like seeing a UFO. Then once it was all over, I went back to being the only person at my school who knew how to apply a Figure 4.

My next event was a house show during the Attitude Era. The seats were a lot better this time, as I was 2nd level, but front row. So I could see everything, and didn't have to sit and stand with the whim of the crowd.

When The New Age Outlaws came out, we of course did their whole shpeel with'em, to which Bad Ass screamed into the mic “GODDAMN THAT WAS LOUD”. Afterward, Road Dogg told us a story about being in the showers with Mark Henry, and when he bent over, all he saw was “black hole suuuun...” so that scored him points with the Seattle crowd.

The main event was Stone Cold vs Kane vs Undertaker vs Mankind. Sgt. Slaughter was the special guest ref, and he told us he was given explicit instructions to not let Stone Cold Steve Austin leave Washington with the title. Well, he failed at that. I really wanted one of those DX jerseys, but alas they had none. But I did end up with a Stone Cold hat & shirt, and I was in hog heaven with that. I use to wear it to school all the time, and there were a few very religious girls who absolutely hated me, because they thought I was being blasphemous. Which made me love the shirt that much more. 

Afterwards, while we were walking to the car, The Headbangers were like, 100ft or so away talking to fans. My friends and I weighed out the pros & cons of walking over there. We opted for the car instead. 

After that, my next stop was the most infamous Raw in Washington's history, in where I was treated to the main event of Booker T vs Buff Bagwell. Thing was, people said it was a disaster, but everyone I could see loved the absolute hell out of it. The two guys in front of me were pretty awesome, because they, like me, got a pair of Christian's sunglasses, and were drinking themselves into oblivion.

That's what I love about a wrestling show, is when you find really cool wrestling fans.

I popped really big for Buff Bagwell, and knew I was seeing something historic. Of course, it was historic for the wrong reasons.

It was at this point I decided I'd only go to PPVs. House shows & TV are great and all, but PPVs are really where it's at.

Now, in 1999, I told my friend that within 10 years, I'd be at WrestleMania, watching Hulk Hogan come down that isle in the red & yellow. He said I was crazy, that there was no way. If I was smarter, I would have bet him, because sure enough, I was there at WM19. I was so excited. I mean, it was a dream come true, really.

There was talk about Cena taking on Jay-Z or Fabolous in a battle rap, and I prayed that wouldn't happen. It was answered, as he came out to trash some card board cut-outs. I've never seen the DVD of the show in full, so I don't know if that made it or not.
I was on my feet the entire time for Hogan v Vince. I know that everyone who's a smark is suppose to hate Hogan, but I just can't. He's the Hulkster, man. I was beyond stoked to see the red & yellow hero live, right before my eyes. It was awesome. Of course, the real highlight came when Roddy Piper showed up, and the guy next to me who'd been dressed exactly like Piper absolutely lost his mind. I mean, I honestly thought he was going to rush the ring. Unfortunately he didn't.

We decided to leave during the middle of the Angle v Lesnar match, because we didn't really care about it. Then as we're walking through the arena, you hear this “oooh!” as we then hear someone say “Brock just died in the ring!”. For that second there, I thought he actually did. But then we saw Arn Anderson down below, to which my friend yelled “Arn, you're a legend!”. Arn turned and smiled. Then my friend, who hated The Horsemen, yelled “Arn, you're fat!”. So, I guess he finally got his justice.

After WM, I passed up house shows, Raws, and Smackdowns for a few years. Then I finally got back to the real thing when I went to Elimination Chamber PPV. Honestly, that was the most fun I've ever had a PPV. I had incredible seats, and it was a damn great PPV. There was a family in front of me who had 2 little kids, and for most of the show the kid kept holding up his mom's “Batista Bomb Me!” sign that was cut out in the shape of an old cartoon bomb. I guess the mom didn't have the heart to tell the son she was trying to get Batista to fuck her.

I also had the awesome pleasure of having 4 Canadian fans sitting behind me. So, you can imagine how not annoying it was the whole time Shawn was wrestling. I mean, it's bad enough I have to watch JBL in action. Now I'm forced to watch it while hearing “You screwed Bret” for about 9 hours.

The pre-show match was Melina vs Beth, and this was during the time that Santino was with her. Man, did he get a monster pop. During the Smackdown chamber, everyone thought that Taker vs Triple H was going to happen at WM, because of how much they tore it up during the end of the match.

I don't know if anyone else experiences this during the live shows, but isn't it funny when the little kids get all befuddled and start defending Cena to all the grown ups? I mean, kids these days have balls. I would have never done that as a kid. They must love the Dr. of Thuganomics.

That's it for this week, next week I'm thinking we'll venture into my favorite and least favorite wrestling video games from my youth. So those waiting to talk about Raw & Royal Rumble on the SNES, next week is your week. Any questions for the mailbag, is the addy. 

- Caliber Winfield
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  1. I went to a ton of house shows as a kid and my only memory of them is how awesome Undertaker's entrance was. He was in the main event, a casket match against Yoko. The more memorable ppvs and Raws I was at...

    Shawn/Razor Ladder match 2 at Summerslam 95.

    The Raw when Bret delivered his famous line "If you were going give the United States of America an enema, you'd stick the hose right here in Pittsburgh!"

    Foley/Taker HIAC. 

    The Radicals debut on Raw.

    And my last live show was the Smackdown that Raven debuted on.

    I guess I was pretty lucky to see some memorable shit go down.

  2. I remember the first or maybe second show I went to it was at the London Gardens my dad & uncle took my brother and I.  We saw the One Man Gang in the concession line before the show started and my brother who was probably 5 or 6 at the time wanted to leave right away.  I don't remember much else about it other than the fact that half the advertised matches were changed.

    My friend and I went to a house show at Exhibition/CNE Stadium, I think the main event was Shawn Michaels vs. Goldust in a ladder match.  I know they had a parade in the afternoon and we got up close to some of the guys.

    We also went to a house show at Skydome.  I don't remember much about this one.  I think there was a triple threat main event with Stone Cold, Undertaker and someone else.

    We went to the Breakdown PPV in Hamilton as well.  That's the first and only PPV I've been to.

    I went to a Smackdown taping in London and had seats along the entrance ramp.  I know Brock & Angle were at this show.  This was also the show where they had to redo a Nathan Jones run in because he went to do a spin kick and fell on his ass.  I also had a Mattitude sign that they were about to show and someone jumped up in front of me right before they shot it.

    The last show I remember going to was the live Raw after Summerslam where Randy Orton beat Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship.  I actually was on TV a couple times and my Chris Jericho King of the World sign was shown.  I think Michelle McCool was eliminated from the diva search on this show.  The most memorable thing that happened on this Raw was Evolution turning on Orton.

    The last few shows in my area have been house shows but I was never really interesting in going to them.  Maybe I should give it a try the next time they are in town.

  3. Christopher HirschMay 24, 2012 at 12:28 PM

    You weren't interested in Lesnar/Angle? May I ask why?

    Still have memories of seeing Hogan/Perfect at a house show at the Cap Center in 1990. Went to a house show in Manchester, England I still have the program too.

    Since moving to VA, been to a bunch of RAW and Smackdowns at Verizon. Attended SummerSlam 05 which was awesome to see Hogan/HBK in person and the beginning of the Cena hate.

    Went to RAW last month and it was not a very good show, although it was cool seeing Brock. I may only attend another major PPV, as the TVs I have attended generally are not that good. I remember being at the RAW where Lawler and Cole teamed up and Cole got killed by Legacy. I also think Marty Jannetty came close to or actually joined Vince's Kiss my Ass club that night.

  4. I was all ready to give you shit for leaving a WM in the middle of the main event, but I remember not really caring all that much about Brock/Angle, either. I was jacked for Hogan/Vince (cause Vince always pulls out all the stops for his matches), Rock/Austin, and HBK/Y2J. I don't think there's ever been a Mania where the main event was my 5th most anticipated match (I think there was another one on the card I cared about more than the main).

  5. I got to see Benoit win the WWE Title after pinning the Undertaker during a Fatal Four Way involving Kane and Rock, only to have Foley reverse the decision after seeing Taker's foot on the ropes.

    I got to see Edge win the WWE Title after RVD's drug bust. I thought all the kids surrounding me were to going to crucify me because I was getting the dirtiest looks from all of them (it was a triple threat involving Cena as well). I couldn't help it marking out, it was the first real WWE Title change I saw live, and I was a huge mark for Edge.

    The last show I went to was in 2006, Survivor Series, and I got to hear CM Punk get chanted for over DX and the Hardys. I also watched the worst main event ever live, where Batista and Booker stunk it so bad the Philly crowd was chanting "cancel Smackdown". 

    Something they should honestly think about doing today.

  6.  I was a die hard wrestling fan from 1995 until 2002. At the beginning of 2002, I had to come to grips with the fact that I just didn't care anymore. I was 19, and getting into being  on my own and spending all my time with my friends and such, and wrestling just didn't matter to me any more for some reason. But when WM came along, and Hogan was involved, I had to go. No choice.

    So, with Lesnar v Angle, I didn't know the story, and I didn't really care. I liked Angle when he was a goofy heel, and wasn't into him at this point. Plus, Seattle traffic is absolutely brutal, and my friends and I didn't care enough about seeing the winner as we did avoiding the rush.

    And yeah, the more older I get, the less patience I have for live TV. PPVs are a slam dunk though.

  7. Christopher HirschMay 24, 2012 at 1:03 PM

    Makes complete sense. My fandom really plummeted from about 18-22. Didn't get Spike in the dorms, and probably wouldn't have watched anyway for much of the reasons you discussed above. I still read the results and kept up with it but hardly watched.

  8.  Haha...wait a minute. So, Nathan Jones screws up a move, then what? Does he go back behind the curtain, and then do it all over again? What do they expect the crowd to think of this?

  9. How funny, the first major show I ever went to was also at Key Arena -- it was one of those stacked house shows WCW did that they simulcast on the internet "The Battle in Seattle".  It was actually a really fun show and I got to see a lot of guys I always hoped to watch wrestle one day.  One of my friends (who wasn't into it and just along for the ride) went to the bar during the last half of the show and ended up having a drink with Curt Hennig and got a bunch of random WCW merchandise signed for us.

    I also went to RAW the night after WrestleMania 19 (which was also at Key Arena, I believe) which was a blast and WrestleMania 19 the night before as well, which was a bore.  I had so-so seats and there were sound problems in our section -- they had no speakers to amplify the ring sounds in our direction, so it was like watching a silent movie.  My friend called the Goldberg debut at Raw when he saw the stage guys placing the pyro on the stage while the Rock was starting his promo, which kinda ruined the surprise haha.

    I almost never got to go to WWF/WCW shows as a kid when I was most into wrestling though, because neither would come to Oregon after all the restrictions put on them by the state athletic commission here -- they basically abandoned the area for years.

  10. Just did some digging and found a house show card I was in attendance for in the early '90s:


    Tatanka defeats Papa Shango
    Crush defeats Doink by DQ
    Jerry Sags defeats Irwin R. Schyster
    The Headshrinkers (Fatu & Samu) defeat High Energy (Koko
    B. Ware & Owen Hart)
    Typhoon defeats Terry Taylor
    The Undertaker defeats Yokozuna by DQ

    The only match from that show I recall is Taker/Yoko, with flashes pf Papa Shango and High Energy.

    Also caught a show in 1990 that my dad and I actually had floor seats for. I remember that one much more vividly, because at that level you're front and centre for the wrestlers' taunts and chants. Rhythm and Blues wrestled at that show against the Bushwhackers and at one point Honky Tonk Man shouted, "Shut up, kid" at some guy in the crowd who was giving him a hard time. Awesome. Also remember Hacksaw Jim Duggan starting a "USA" chant with the Canadian crowd after asking permission.
    Never been to a RAW or Smackdown, but I finally got around to seeing a PPV in 2009 with "Breaking Point." Still vainly hoping that Scott will review it someday.

  11. The first live event I ever attended was a house show in Philly in 1993.  The main event was Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna.  I can't remember the finish other than Lex Luger coming down and making some sort of save.  This was in early July of 1993 and I remember when leaving the Spectrum I saw the Lex Express bus for the first time.  I don't think I'd ever seen it on TV at that point.  But the match I really went for was Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Perfect.  I was a huge Shawn Michaels fan and still am to this day.  I was so happy when he won his match.

    I was also at Mind Games In Your House and remember the big match I wanted to see there was Shawn vs. Mankind and boy it didn't disappoint.  We had great seats and the match was just amazing.

    I've also been to Nitro and Thunder, a couple of TNA events, but never a WWE televised show.  My last live event was several years ago a TNA house show at the old ECW arena.  I was front row and the matches were great.

    These days I don't really attend live shows anymore, but I have been attending various autograph signings.  I did the Bound for Glory fan experience this past year in Philadelphia and got to meet Hulk Hogan, Sting, Flair, Angle, Hardy, and a whole bunch of others.  There's an Ultimate Warrior signing June 2nd that I'm going to.  Warrior is the only big name left that I care to meet.  I've had a chance to meet those mentioned above plus Bret Hart, Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, and Macho Man Randy Savage.  Savage was the first wrestler I ever met and it was at a QVC taping (home shopping network) for those who don't know.  The staff were total jerks, but Savage insisted on meeting everyone.  I was able to get a photo signed and I was the only one who brought a sharpie, so he asked if he could use it to sign everyone's stuff.  He was a total class act.

    If I ever have the chance to meet HHH, Austin, or the Rock I certainly jump at it, but at this point I've met all of my wrestling heroes from when I was a kid.

  12. Growing up in upstate NY... between Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica and Albany, there was a show to go to virtually every month (sometimes multiple when you included WCW and ECW during the boom period).  TV tapings in the early 90s were brutal, as they would last 5 hours and most of the time they were on a school-night, which made for some unhappy parents when they were still running out squash matches at 11pm.

    The most memorable Raw show I was at was the one in Albany the week before Wrestlemania XV when Austin drove the beer truck out to the ring and soaked Vince, Shane and Rocky.  That same night, he also pinned the Big Show clean in his first month in the company... they built up the match as the biggest in the history of Raw, and I could imagine the complaints that we had back then that they beat the Big Show in his first big match.  Also was at the Raw after Wrestlemania 24 in Orlando that had the big Flair retirement ceremony.

    I moved to Florida after college, so now we generally get 1 or 2 shows a year at either the Tampa or Orlando venues.  Luckily Mania 24 and 28 were in the area, so those were awesome experiences live... I'm now hooked on the stadium-Mania atmosphere and I'm now trying to convince the Mrs. to go to NY for Mania 29!

  13. Here's the edited clip If I recall he went back up the ramp and A-Train/Big Show got back in the ring and beat on Taker and then Nathan Jones ran in again to help.

  14. I grew up in Oregon and we didn't get WWE events back then. Some stupid state laws/regulations or something. :-( So, my first live WWE event wasn't until I was in college and living in Boston. Can't remember which one it was - they all blend together. I did get to go to the 40-man Royal Rumble. Definitely the most memorable live event even though my seats were terrible. That being said, I'll take an RoH house show over WWE TV taping any day.

  15.  Dammit. See, that's why I wish my website I Remember This One Time.... would have taken off, because I love cool stories like that from wrestling fans.

    I'd feel like King Big Shit if Macho used my sharpie. How odd it was at a QVC taping. Was it for the Halloween Havoc thing they did either before or after the PPV?

    I tell you right now, if I had any money at all, I'd pay you $100 to get a Warrior autograph for me, and make sure he signed it "Queer'n don't work".

    Speaking of Warrior, anyone see that match from Europe where he wrestle's Orlando Jordan in a WCW action figure ring?

  16. It was actually right before Bash at the Beach 1999 where Savage and Sid were wrestling Nash and Sting where whoever got the pinfall would win the title. Savage told everyone that he'd be winning the title at the PPV and sure enough he did. I'm pretty sure this was when they were off the air.

    I remember at the time I wasnt watching WCW regularly anymore but after meeting Savage the mark in me reappeared and I remember splitting time between Raw and Nitro again. And that was part of the reason I went back to watching Nitro until their last episode in 2001.

  17. ooh, this was when he was juiced out of his mind. Did he look super huge in person?

  18. Oh yeah he was a huge guy for sure. I couldn't believe how jacked he was in person. He definitely looked big on tv but it was something totally else to be standing face to face with him. Well technically face to chest. The guy towered over me. Haha

  19.  You grew up in upstate NY and moved to central Florida? Are you my Tyler Durden alter ego that I'm not aware of? I grew up in Massena (St. Lawrence county) and moved to Orlando, though I live back in Massena now. There's a chance we have been at some of the same shows in either state. I was home visiting for the summer for that Albany one with the beer bash, I couldn't get tickets in time for that one.

  20. Is there a site that lists house show lineups in a handy format? I'd love to see the actual rundown of matches from one I went to in 94 in Cornwall, ON that I have only a vague memory of.

  21. All my live shows:

    1. A Savoldi Brothers indie show here in NY, headlined by The Bushwhackers and Tiger Jackson (later to be known as Dink). This one featured an as-yet-unknown Tommy Dreamer and Tasmaniac (Taz), as well as such standouts as Surfer Ray Odyssey and Vic Steamboat.

    2. A WWF house show in Cornwall, Ontario. I don't remember much besides that Razor Ramon vs. Quebecer Pierre for the IC title was the main event. The modern equivalent would be, like, a show headlined by R-Truth vs. Epico. Tatanka stared me down when he was walking past the hockey glass for having a "Razor Rules, Tatanka Drools!" sign.

    3. RAW from Cornwall, ON. Two nights after Montreal. The night of the famous "Bret Screwed Bret" segment, and the night Rick Rude appeared on the taped Raw before showing up on the live Ntiro (which kinda killed it for me, since I already knew Raw was taped). Sat pretty far back, didn't meet anybody. Still the most historic show I've been to, though.

    4. ECW house show at The Barn in 98 in Kissimmee, FL. This one was supposed to have been on my birthday on September 27 but when we all got to the arena, it was cancelled, and didn't get rescheduled until November. Pretty fun show with all the ECW regulars at the time, though none of the matches in particular stand out. I didn't meet any wrestlers, although Bubba Ray threw a crutch into the crowd that nearly landed on my head when I wasn't looking and in the same match New Jack threw a cookie sheet to the crowd, which I nearly caught until some douche jumped up & stole it. I'm still bitter.

    5. Smackdown in 2000 in Orlando at the O-Rena (RIP). The one where HHH had a lottery to pick his opponent and it ended up being Rikishi. That crowd was behind Rikishi 100%, and I always took him seriously from then on. Also the one where Mideon was doing his Fake Mankind gimmick at Universal and Foley beat him up outside the entrance to the Back To The Future ride (also RIP, although now I guess it's The Simpsons ride, so it's ok). Didn't meet anyone.

    6. Raw in 2000 at the O-Rena again. This is the one where Austin faced Benoit for the first time in the main event. I got pelted with tons of popcorn & shit for having a "Chris Benoit: Canadian Bad Ass" sign, backed with "Unfortunately The Rock Has Come Back to Orlando" (real Rock hater at the time.) My date was REAL impressed, lemme tell you. Sat in front of Headbanger Mosh's mom, who was all proud to see her son wrestle until some girls gave her shit because this was during the "cone boob" gimmick and they said he looked like a faggot.

    7. House show in Poinsiana, FL in a basketball gym. Ran by a guy my friend knew who had been one of John Tenta's only wrestling students. Headlined by Gangrel, with Luna, against a guy calling himself Death Row Jethro. Said hi to both of them. Also had a great three way between some guy called Napthali, Mikey Batts, and Jerelle Clark, who I saw for the first time and realized he had been a substitute teacher in my high school. Pretty fun.

    8. TNA house show here in Massena again, in early 2010. Short show, not much happened. Anderson had just debuted & headlined against Jarrett. The arena was so small he couldn't even do the mic drop. Beer Money were the most over, and Abyss got zero heat doing the Hall of Fame ring-Hulk up gimmick.

    9. Another TNA house show here, that I reviewed for the blog. This would be the one that caused Mick Foley to make the "Empy Arena" tweet that got him fired from TNA. You can hear him talk about it when he did Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast.

    10. 2CW show in Watertown, NY that I reviewed for the blog, featuring Nigel McGuiness's first match of his retirement tour against Eddie Edwards. Very fun show.

    11. Another 2CW show in Watertown just last month, which you can find my thoughts on paired with an ROH recap.

  22. Yep, found that particular lineup on Couldn't find the second one, though.

  23. Nice stuff, Caliber. I love these little "fan experience" threads. I saw a few shows in Red Deer, Alberta:
    * One match had a jobber sneak away from Adam Bomb, who promptly shouted "he's probably CANADIAN!" at the crowd.
    * We were DICKS to Fake Razor Ramon one time- I shouted "Hey Chico- take a look at the twinkies!" because of his fatness, which was pretty damn mean. It didn't help that he was fighting Stone Cold back during the early days of 3:16- before the face turn, so the crowds were turning towards him. Austin got such a huge reaction that it even showed up in a PWI as an unusual occurence on their "House Show Circuit" column.
    * Pat Patterson was out to watch the matches one time, and I almost went over to say hi (he was in a Penalty Box at the hockey arena), but balked out of shyness or something.
    * I remember being a kid, and running up to feel the floor-mats to see if they were "real". They're pretty solid.
    * Vader is pretty fucking huge in person.
    * I was a Triple-H mark back when he was doing the "blueblood" gimmick, so seeing him was cool. I wasn't happy to see Jake Roberts beat him, then put a clearly-fake rubber snake in his pants.
    * I saw a big house show in Calgary, which was cool- Ivory earned my eternal fandom for waving in our direction when she arrived at the show, and Al Snow got props for waving "Head" around. Austin got the biggest reaction, of course. Tori almost looked hurt that nobody could tell who she was.
    * I was at the RAW in Edmonton with the RVD/Eddie Ladder Match and the fan run-in (where he got the fuck beaten out of him by security). That was a spectacular match to see live, but the whole show was pretty cool. Seeing Molly Holly in person was great, because I was in lust with her at the time.
    * For whatever reason, I balked at going to that post-Mania PPV in Edmonton, thus missing out on Orton/Foley & Benoit/HHH/Shawn II. I think I was worried about it being too expensive or something, and my fandom was slowing down by that point. I wonder how awesome they'd have been live, but seeing them on TV was pretty cool anyways.
    * Best Story Ever: Psycho Sid did his "Fist bump" thing to my friend, who was beyond excited. Weeks later, he developed a giant wart on his fist where Sid touched him, and eternally blamed Sid for it. It took years for that fucker to fall off, and he never forgave Sid.

  24. Wow so I went through and looked up all the shows I've been to, and when I was looking over the dark match lineup from the Raw I went to in Ontario in 97, I found out that one of the dark matches was Edge vs. Christian, at least a year before either guy had actually debuted! That was probably one of their first tryouts. They never got announced coming to the ring or anything so I had no idea who they were, and they were still called Adam Copeland and Christian Cage.

  25. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Yeah, what is it with fans running into the ring? That happened at a house show I went to, and the guy was destroyed. I mean, they don't fuck around, man.

    I think your friend is the only person I've ever heard of who actually caught something from a wrestler. Awesome. 

  26.  Close... went from Utica to Orlando!  Now I live closer to Tampa, but I try to hit shows in both Orlando and Tampa.


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