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Tito Santana Taqueria
Not sure if Tito is actually involved in this, but he does live in New Jersey, and Beacon is close enough to the state line that it would be feasible.

Man, Bobby Heenan was right all along.  Tito really IS serving tacos.  


  1. And there are no Flying Jalapenos on the menu. A missed opportunity in my view.

  2. Dammit I was JUST thinking this.

  3. oye como va

    I named the restaurant "Tito Santana", becauseTito Puente wrote the song "oye como va", and Carlos Santana Rocked it.

    oye como va: 
    (Literally) "Listen to how it goes"; (Colloquially "Hey, what's up?" or "Check it out!", or more literally "How's it going?")


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