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Hey Scott,
How are you, man? Obligatory "long time reader, sometime writer." OG Cred? From Rantsylvania & TheSmarks days. Even Wrestleline! So, I started a blog of my own. And, I was hoping you might be kind enough to plug it. A word of warning, it really has nothing to do with wrestling or even pop culture. It's a few sex stories (who doesn't like those?) and a few social commentaries. We're adding writers now and then too. But, because of the subject matter, can totally see you not being interested in plugging it. And I wouldn't take it personally. But if you do...Thanks, man. Much appreciated.
Maybe later you can tell me how to monetize it ;-)

I bet you can find some links in your e-mail that will tell you how to make money REALLY fast!  And possibly buy Viagra and Rolex watches, too.   


  1. Kudos man, thanks for the plug!

  2. This is pretty different...I think I love it.


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